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  1. So, the starting point for a trip has the same settings popup dialog as a waypoint. But as far as the trip is concerned, we usually don't care how long it takes to charge before we start out. So I suggest that you make this popup different, just as you make the popup for the destination different. Eliminate fields on this new popup having to do with charging, and have a field for SOC at the start of the trip. The user could enter it, or maybe you could have an option to "use live data". One other minor detail -- there is a box underneath the SOC percentage box that I *now* understand can be used to hold a duration. When I first open that box, it is unlabelled, and there is no text in it at all. When I click on it, it gives me another dialog to enter a time period; if I don't select anything and then click "Done", the time entry dialog odisappears, and now the text field for a duration contains the faint text "0 min". If that text is meant as an indication what the field is for, as it could, then it would be more useful to have it show up when the settings popup is first displayed. A suggestion for the icon of the "Play" button: how about a compass image, with the teardrop-TeslaCharger symbol in the middle? I assume you have some kind of rights to that, or don't need them, since you use it on the "A Better Routeplanner" logo. Now, the settings -- only after you told me did I notice that there were "plan settings" and "App settings". I think there is room to say something like "applies to this plan" or "applies to this trip" right up at the top of the panel. I know "Plan settings" should imply that; if you don't get many questions about this, then perhaps it's enough the way it is, with just that title. I think I was partially confused by the fact that so many of the settings values look like app (or "User") settings to me -- I think most people are ever going to get plans for one car, for instance, so the car doesn't need to change per plan. My reference consumption is something I would expect to carry over from one trip to the next. My preferences under "Battery and Chargers" are things I would expect to have defaults, and then be able to change per trip if I wanted to. So I suggest one of two things: (1) have a place where I can click to "save settings for future plans", so that they become my personal defaults. The nice part about this is that you don't have to have a separate place for "default" or "user" settings, the user just sets them the in the current panel and then saves them when he feels like it, (2) have a separate place for settings that one wants to be default for future trips. I think it would be less work and easier to understand the first way. And ONE more suggestion -- provide a damned HELP popup and button, maybe more than one so each one can apply to just one portion of the application. Writing the help is work, of course, but might save you enough emails to make it worthwhile. Small disclaimer: I have not yet used the mobile phone version of this, I've only used it on a Windows PC.
  2. I live in Durham, NC, US -- drive a LR AWD Model 3 Tesla, which I've taken to Nashville and back (about 8-9 hours one way). I'm trying to set a starting charge for a trip. It assumes I will start with 90%, and there is a "Settings" cog I can press to bring up a dialog box. So I can set the percentage to 50, but the dialog box won't let me close it there; when I try, it highlights the "kW" box in red, as though that's the error. I do not have a way to charge at that address, I'm just guessing that it will be 50 and I'm certain that's closer than 90. I tried putting a number into kW, and that let me close the box, but did not change the starting SOC. I know I can change the starting percentage in my profile settings, but I wanted to do it for just this trip. Is that possible? How do I do that?
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