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  1. Is the latest version 4.0.57 ?
  2. I downloaded EV notify about 6 months ago, today I had big problems getting live date, until i uninstalled and reinstalled evnotify and went through the steps again then it was showing live data.
  3. Hi all Is it possible to share the map with someone else while you are on your journey, i,e this map? without them logging into your account with your username and password? https://www.udrop.com/62g2/share.PNG
  4. thanks for the AA headunit ABRP function, enjoying it. Yes a zoom function to zoom in and out on the map would be good, also is it possible to include current wind direction on the map to see whether the car is moving into a headwind or tail wind?
  5. my evnotify keeps losing connection still after doing the above changes, I do not know why, I have a decent obd2 dongle so I am puzzled as it disconnects and the data doesn't go to ABRP which I can see on my headunit.
  6. finally! looks great, haven't taken it out for a long drive yet, but it looks very good on my Ioniq 28 head unit.
  7. hi, is it possible to have to the android app (once completed) also an small icon similar to the one with the battery on the car's head unit the current wind direction as well?
  8. will the consumption graph be available on android auto? Is there a way to only have the consumption graph and not the turn by turn navigation, as I use WAZE for navigation.
  9. is this beta for ABRP on android auto ?
  10. ABRP chooses the routes with all the stops to re-charge the car to the final destination, but the last section i want to go on a different highway, how do i do the last section, i cannot click on that road, please assist thanks Clayton
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