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  1. hi, is it possible to have to the android app (once completed) also an small icon similar to the one with the battery on the car's head unit the current wind direction as well?
  2. awesome, thanks for the update!
  3. will the consumption graph be available on android auto? Is there a way to only have the consumption graph and not the turn by turn navigation, as I use WAZE for navigation.
  4. will the graph be available in the andriodauto version ?
  5. and I patiently wait for android auto support 😉
  6. is this beta for ABRP on android auto ?
  7. ABRP chooses the routes with all the stops to re-charge the car to the final destination, but the last section i want to go on a different highway, how do i do the last section, i cannot click on that road, please assist thanks Clayton
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