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  1. Hi, I'm a user of a Kona EV 39,2kWh and started to use OVMS to send data to ABRP, it's working great. I was wondering how mucha data we have to send in other not to see Kona EV 39,2kWh as Beta in the planner. Is it necessary to send data and at the same time to make a plan in the app, or is it enough to keep tracking al the trips we make?
  2. I was wondering if somebody may explain how does the calibrated Reference Consumption algorithm works. It's strange because I'm sending data from OVMS on a Hyundai Kona EV 39,2kWh since 5 month ago (more than 10.000Km of routes), but I can see that these last two months my data do not increment. I have even seen in a few days that the high speed section has decreased by 1%. I use the car everyday, and I travel about 100km a day and more than 300Km on weekends. I always make sure I am sending data to abrp, therefore, I do not understand why this happens. First image is from 08/02 a
  3. Hi, may I kindly ask you to share your code? I’d like to implement something similar for my own use. Thank you.
  4. I would gladly *pay* for iOS version with CarPlay support! looking forward to have that feature

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