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  1. Where are you from? Herefordshire in the UK What car do you drive? Jaguar Ipace First Edition What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? 320 miles third day of ownership preparing for trip to home in Burgundy, France in 3 weeks time Love ABRP Duncan
  2. Duncan

    Accurate Planning

    Thanks for that Jason. Have a couple of mid-length journeys this week and will give it a try. Also managed to get the ABRP website planner onto my Ipace screen so will see how that works. Will let you know. Driving from the UK through France in 3 weeks so trying to get myself prepared!!!
  3. Duncan

    Accurate Planning

    I have had the Ipace for just over a week and had some long journeys totalling nearly 1,000 miles. Have used Abetterrouteplanner for these journeys and found it to be very accurate and informative bringing all the information together easily. Good stuff and well done. Be great to link this into my car mapping system or app play.

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