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  1. I stopped using ABRP and EvNotify because of the instability of both app's and even more in combination with a OBD2 dongle. The concept is great, the possibility's also, but the soft- and hardware is not ready yet for daily use. Sorry!
  2. GeMa

    Crashes iOS app.

    I also noticed that EVnotify often crashes when it goes in the background.
  3. GeMa

    Crashes iOS app.

    Reroute (replan) gives now no crashes anymore. The other two (battery indication and settings of the car) keep giving crashes, resulting in a deinstall en reinstall again. See pictures.
  4. GeMa

    Crashes iOS app.

    I will try it later today. Thanks.
  5. GeMa

    Crashes iOS app.

    Found out that the app also crashes sometimes when you reroute. So, trying changing "my car", tapping the battery symbol and rerouting gives sometimes a crash. BTW, is it possible to do the rerouting automaticly?
  6. GeMa

    Crashes iOS app.

    EVNotify. Connection works (Vgate iCar Pro dongle), data gets in and transfered to ABRP.
  7. GeMa

    Crashes iOS app.

    Just started using ABRP on a iPhone 11 with iOS 13.3.1. App with a lot of potential. After configuration I tried to edit my car (Hyundai Kona Electric 64 KwH). App crashed en I had to remove it en reinstall it. Problem keeps coming back. Same if I tap the battery icon on the main screen. Anyone?
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