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  1. If you could just "pipe"the inputs through to third party databases though (with perhaps some rudimentary checks for validity) wouldn't it be their responsibility to check them? It's no worse than asking others to go elsewhere to do it, is it? If you could provide a better interface to Open Charge Map than they provide themselves it would be a great service!
  2. Chuq I mean that if I click on the other two URLs they both just take me to uppladdning.
  3. https://uppladdning.nu/ has taken over goingelectric and supercharge.info. And your website should say somewhere prominently "to add a location, right click". Lastly, you should tell people they should copy the lat/long before clicking the link - or better still you should find a way to auto-populate the website with the right lat/long if people click on the link!
  4. I know you rely on third parties to provide this info but couldn't you "pass through" data to one of your providers from the app instead of requiring users to use a different app? Failing that a button to add a station that would then give you a suggestion or list of suggestions for how to add one in a way that you would quickly add it to your database would be helpful. Preferably not Open Charge Map though, whose interface is terrible!
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