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  1. same here. hopefully soon, I'm desperately waiting
  2. hi, thanks for your answer. unfortunatly, this didn´t work for me. if i pick the actual location with the location button, the field remains empty or there ist still "my position" in grey. by pressing the START-Button, the same error appears. if i press the "locate"-Button on the map-screen (top right corner), i will see my right location with a blue dot on the map.
  3. hi, actually it is version 3.9.9 (iOS 13.3.1), but i have the prblem since a few weeks and versions before. the error appears always, even if I put an address in there first and then change it to ma location. in Safari on the iphone it works perfect..
  4. when planning a route in the iOS app without a special starting point, i.e. with "my position", an error message always appears. "We could not calculate your plan. Plan not found!". Location access is allowed!
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