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  1. The PID list (but its a UDS SID and DID list) for ID.3 is finished for now, it will be published on my Github page soon. I only want to finish some of the description and the readme info. My plan is to have it published latest 15/2.
  2. Yes!! At last, for the first time the ABRP - EvNotify integration is active. Now I can be connected with my ABRP->EvNotify->my ID.3 car. Still only with the SoC (BMS), but soon with SoC (HMI) and the rest of the parameters that EvNotify and ABRP use. In a couple of weeks, I will then release all the parameters for VW ID.3 so anyone can make their own app, or already existing apps can add support for ID.3 Best regards Conny
  3. All the parameters necessary for ABRP has been identified and together with EvNotify there will be a beta version with support for ID.3 coming soon. 🙂
  4. Looks like its getting closer and closer. 🙂
  5. This is the status right now for me with my project to connect ID.3 to ABRP via EvNotify. Module PIDs status version Car operation mode ok 1 ODOMETER ok 1 Outdoor temperature ok 1 SOC ok 2 Vehicle speed ok 1 HW Battery current ok 1 HW Battery voltage ok 1 HW Battery PTC heater current ongoing 0 DC-DC converter current ok 1 DC-DC converter voltage ok 1
  6. I have direct contact with Giuseppe and when the holiday will allow, the material will be sent from me to him. Best regards Conny
  7. Or if there is a plan to get ABRP its own OBDII connectivity, then tell me and I will supply the parameters to you also.
  8. Now at last I managed to read out all the parameters of my ID.3 🙂 What parameters are necessary? I will provide them to Giuseppe at EVNotify and let him be the first one to implement it in his tool. After that should it be easy to link it into ABRP I guess? BR Conny
  9. The same as Tronity successfully do right now. But they can only import the SoC when the car is charging, not when you drive, so useless for ABRP. I'm getting closer now to extracting the PID from the OBD so hope to come with good news after the winter holidays. 😉
  10. Should be possible in the same way as for the e-up. https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/components/vehicle_vweup_obd/docs/index.html#vehicle-states
  11. This is a list of the different components that are accessible via the CAN bus.
  12. Hi. I have an ID.3 and I have used the online option with ABRP for other EV cars I have used before like Kona and e-Niro so of course I want the same support for our ID.3. Right now I have a couple of tools that I use to try and read out and find the parameters, I also are trying to find a way to hardwire to the CAN bus on the inside of the CAN-gateway that VW use. So anyone that want to contribute or help with information or if someone have connections on the inside of the VW organization that could be helpful, please give me a shout and we could try to collaborate o this.
  13. Thanks for your effort, I'll keep an eye on your testflight release. 🙂
  14. Okay, thanks for your reply. Ill continue to work on finding that PIDs for reading out the data we need from the CAN-gateway of my ID.3 Lets stay in touch.
  15. Or do you @Katya (ABRP)have the answer on this question?
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