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  1. Not yet, but Im working on it.
  2. Any news regarding Apple CarPlay status?
  3. Description: In earlier versions of the browser version, it was presented a value for in Wh/km for the whole trip, but now its not there anymore. Use Case: DIts a very interesting value to have when planning a trip and also to compare it with the real trip consumption. Will it be back or have you removed it by active decision?
  4. Yesterday I managed to play around with the OBDII port. I managed to read the SOC after a short time of testing. So Im pretty confident that it will be able to read out all the values that we need for it to work online with ABRP.
  5. Here is the charging curve for ID.3 according to Fastned in NL.
  6. Tonight I´m borrowing the ID.3 again for a "short" return trip to Gothenburg. I have prepared all the hardware and will try again to read out the interesting PIDs from the OBDII port. I´ll get back with more info tomorrow.
  7. There is a OBDII port in the ID.3. But I´m still trying to find the right PIDs to read out all the juicy stuff, especially the things needed for ABRP. I´ll get back when I have more info.
  8. I have the same problem on my iPad, the app crashes as soon as i press the navigate button. So only possible to run with the browser now on my iPad.
  9. Took tha ID.3 on a quick test drive last night, at least I found the OBD port, but did not have time to test and read values from the system. Will try it when I get my own car.
  10. Description: In the same wway that i can export a route from the ABRP app to map (Apple, google and Uber), please add possibility to share to TomTom GO app also. Use Case: When I use ABRP my normal scenario is to export to google maps, then copy the coordinates and manualy move it to TomTom GO app because it is much better for my car routing with apple car play. So in the meny for exporting to map it should look like this: Share to map: Apple Maps Google Maps Uber TomTom GO
  11. I´ll get my ID.3 in a couple of weeks, and as a ABRP premium user with ODB2 adapter, I´m open to help you as much as possible. Anyone know here the OBD2 port is? I´ll try on ID.3 tonight from the dealership. If you need support with this Jason, Im keen to help.
  12. Its possible to export multi-waypoints at the same time to google maps, at least EVNavigation can do it. I attach two pictures that shows the route in EVNavigation, and when its exported to Google maps. When I try the same in ABRP, only first stop is exported. Please try to fix this. I would love if you could put a little effort in it to make it work also with ABRP. Because then I do my EV trip planning in ABRP, export it to Google maps, use google maps in car play to have good navigation in the car. I would also love if you could implement (if possible) that export also support
  13. Moving to TomTom EV API would give you smoother map solution, easier routing and you can focus on the other parts. Why invent the wheel, when its already spinning. 😉 https://developer.tomtom.com/products/ev-route-planning-use-case
  14. Description: Last week i went on a 2600 km trip with a Hyundai kona EV in the north of Sweden and noticed a couple of "bugs", here is one of them, the ABRP values change when rotating the iPad between landscape and portrait mode?? Type: used ABRP app ver 4.0.13 on IOS Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication Steps: plan a route and use the iPad, drive for a while, notice the values for the next steps like arrival SOC, time etc. rotate the iPad 90 degrees and the values will change. I als
  15. @Jason (ABRP), do you have an official road map that we can access?
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