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  1. I will post a separate posting about the evDash hardware and the MEB implementation later.
  2. As of yesterday, I have released all my VW MEB CAN UDS commands on my GitHub så everyone can see and use them. They are tested to work on ID.3, ID.4, ID.4 GTX and Skoda Enyaq. Im also sure that the other MEB based car will be supported as Seat Cupra Bravo and Audi Q4 e-tron. You can find all the details here: https://github.com/spot2000/Volkswagen-MEB-EV-CAN-parameters
  3. One other aspect of it @robske_110 is the question of how usable it is for ABRP to have only SOC data for each 5 minutes. According to the telemetry API the following is demanden: "To enable vehicle individual consumption calibration, we need at least speed, power and is_charging at a rate of at least once per 10 seconds (the faster the better)."
  4. Okay @robske_110 That's really good then. Maybe they changed it recently or maybe Tronity did not know how to do it?
  5. Now full support for a the ID.x (tested on ID.3 and ID.4) data is running, I'm pretty sure it will function on all cars that share the MEB platform, so I will try on Enyaq etc during next week. The best support is integrated into evDash platform. I will also release all data soon on GitHub for all you hackers to play with. 😉 You can see all the parameters that I used for evDash platform here if you cant wait for my release of it all: https://github.com/nickn17/evDash
  6. Because it uses the We Connect api against VW, then there is no real usage for it with ABRP. It uses the same way to collect data as Tronity, and also get the same problem, that SOC is only collected before and after a drive, son only real use in ABRP is to see the charging session and no data from driving phase. So it will only collect charging sessions. https://www.tronity.io/home https://help.tronity.io/hc/en-us/articles/360018344299-Volkswagen
  7. Description: Please add support for second screen in CarPlay, for example the Apple maps support this. Use Case: In my VW ID.3, I have two screens, one central and one above the steering wheel. For Apple CarPlay, ther should be possible to control the second screen also, for example Apple maps can show turning information on second screen while in CarPlay mode. Please implement it also for ABRP. https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2019/252/
  8. Hi. On my ID.3 there is two screens, one above the steering wheel and one main in the center. And with CarPlay its possible to utilize booth screens, for example can apple maps show directions one the small screen while you navigate with it. And when you look at the CarPlay API, it is supported to address both screens. So my wish is that ABRP also make use of the small second screen when in CarPlay mode. Thanks in advance. 🙂
  9. Here is the same list with my info after 2.0 update and I will update it after 15/3 when I get 2.1 update also.
  10. Hi @Jason (ABRP), How much data do you have now from my ID.3 and others? Enough to make some statements on the consumption profile? And for example on my car it shows 205Wh/km, but is that with heating usage removed, or how do you find the correlation between speed and consumption and temperature and consumption, is it possible for you to show a 3D diagram of it for my car for example?
  11. So, now I'm back after a bit shorter trip then planned, "only" 2000 km. 😉 And this week I also had all the parameters to make ABRP do an individual consumption profile, and it works amazingly good. The only "bug" I found was with the CarPlay implementation, and that is that ARBP dont show on the car screen when something changes in the plan, only visible on the phone. And also if its possible to show the graph on the car screen would be nice, but its good enough already with the present SOC and SOC at arrival display.
  12. conny


    Got the 2.0 version this week after a 12V problem with my ID.3. It looks really good and I will test it on my 4000 km trip that starts tomorrow to the north of the wall in Sweden. 😉
  13. The PID for e-up are here: https://www.goingelectric.de/wiki/Liste-der-OBD2-Codes/ Just ask EVNotify to add support for it and he will help you as he do with my work for the ID.3 Best regards Conny
  14. Last week I went on a 2000 km trip to the north of Sweden, I used ABRP with connection to my ID.3 though EvNotify. It works perfect, the SOC, speed and location is transfered to ABRP. I needed to adjust th consumption because its not self adaptive yet, for that we need more parameters to be transfered to ABRP, we will test it soon. In two weeks I will go for a 4000km trip to the far north of Sweden, I hope in that time to be able to use the self adaptive model for my car. More info to come soon.
  15. In my opinion, the method I used could not brick the car, but of course there is some risks involved with finding out the parameters, but the risk is almost 0% for the people that use ut, for me that do a lot of testing to find out them, may have a higher risk of problems, but never destroy anything or brick the car. We are using commands that ask for values from the car ECU, we never write, when writing you are exposed for more of a risk. But for the things we do, naaa, no risk in my opinion.
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