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  1. JaXX

    Izivia/Corridoor oddities

    Damn, even with a much less efficient e-Soul with a big pack, I plan carefully around there, so I understand the pain... Well, the insider who let me in on some secret intel probably wouldn’t read me here, but there will be a rollout of a Corridoor “2“, most likely planned off-highways à la Tesla... and I deeply hope they fill in the vast empty spots we have in France... Damn country has been breast-fed diesel for generations despite being a 80% nuke-powered empire and we have to hunt for charging spots, it sores me when I think about it... Gotta reach out to Berlin, I really need to get my German documentation sorted out, bearing a French passport is shameful at times 😂
  2. Hi all ! It has been said that most charge point data comes from crowdsourced origins, but as open data takes off, event though they can sometimes have hiccups, they tend to be less off over time. In France, we have the special case of Izivia (formerly know as Corridoor) a subsidiary branch of the formerly state-owned electric company. They have closed 189 out of 217 HPC points after two cases of flaming EVTronic stations (I lived next to a third one that was right next to my building that went on fire a while back), they’re still in a blaming war on who’ at fault 🤦🏼‍♂️ But some still show up on the map, and many have been duplicated with slight variations each time (sometimes making it hard to ignore via the Avoid or Prefer functions) (For example, you can look up the stations around the highway east of Beziers, France, two markers west-bound instead of one marked as dead, one supposed to be up east bound, though it’s dead / and If I use the Avoid Izivia function, I miss the charger at “maison de pays de l’aubois“ which has a functional DBT station) By law, in France, all publicly-accessible charge points have to be published and kept up to date https://www.data.gouv.fr/en/datasets/fichier-consolide-des-bornes-de-recharge-pour-vehicules-electriques/ But, ABRP is getting some traction, you don’t have your own charging/roaming card (yet?), but you might be allowed to sign a contract with GIREVE (gireve.com) to access their API (it seems to be SOAP like in the old days 😭) and get live info anyways (from what I gather, if you operate charging points it’s free, paid if not, I just can’t tell you how much) Or work with the guys at Chargemap who has access (they might be your competition, but you have an amazing planner, and they have a roaming card and contract with GIREVE), I love you both! JaXX (too many parentheses? 😅)
  3. Seems OAuth will be taken care of 😉 https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/pull/365#issuecomment-623629323 Glad to see an amazing project connect to a great route planning tool 😉 Hugs to all ! Stay safe !
  4. Hi, I just saw a PR request go by ( https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/pull/362 ) AddIng Oauth would imply creating a web plugin along with the script, which could use the “usr“ parms to store settings OvmsConfig.Set("usr", "abrp.apikey", "@@@-@@@-@@@-@@@@@@") on the web plugin side and apikey = OvmsConfig.Get("usr", "abrp.apikey", ‘keyunset’ ) same for the car model, from the script for example, shouldn’t be too hairy. I’d rather let him the honors of doing so (and I’m rusty on the web side, ask me for a galera or a drbd cluster, but html takes me time 😉 and I only have bits of my usual equipement during lockdown) As for battery drain, it’s a vast subject that goes beyond ABRP, but a quickie could be dynamically (de)registering the plugin on car.off / car.on trigger events at least. That said, I’m playing with an M5Stack display that connects using websockets over WiFi to the OVMS to display SoC/Temps (works well, looks awful for now, but working on it, since CarPlay uses the whole screen, at least I can have some data beyond the GOM)
  5. Hi all ! Julien, aka JaXX, half French, half German, groomed in the US, currently living in Burgundy (you know, red wine* and all 😉 ) been around quite a lot. Can’t say I’ve had many EVs, but started with a Renault Twizy, upgraded to an early VW e-UP! (Damn that was zippy in and around Paris) and got my hands on a Kia e-Soul e-Design 64kWh (with the connected UVO on a 10.25 » display), purchased to travel down south more easily to see someone (well she dumped me two weeks after getting delivery, but heck, I’m keeping the car, lovin’ it) Longest trip was Troyes to Toulouse via Lyon and Montpellier on A7, just about 1000km or so, with the freshly delivered car, by -5°, planned with ABRP of course... CorriDoor charge stations still ‘sorta’ worked at the time, and have been mostly shut down since. Most of the country is desolated since, some local energy syndicates have some highish-speed stations, so you gotta be careful. Bu I do 600/700km stretches on a regular basis Including one avoiding highways as mush as possible, and the Causses, Auvergne areas are breathtaking ! Got insider news that there will be a new rollout of stations by CorriDoor, bfut well, I can’t say more without taking risks, but smells good for once (and not burned like the station that went on fire next to their HQ and my apartment near Paris) *Drink responsibly, Do not drive if drinking, or take the lockdown time to drink enough to not be tempted anymore afterwards 😉 Hugs all, take car and stay home !
  6. Works like a charm (had to add a « abrp.send(1); » in ovmsmain.js to get it start upon boot since I unplug the module when the car is off to avoid draining. Changed the script to call my own server which calls the ABRP api with the same GET string, that way I keep some data in my own InfluxDB 😉 Simply put, it’s great !

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