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  1. Thinking back, I have had “10 minute” and “5 minute” -until charged enough alerts on my watch (and I presume iPhone too) from the ABRP app. But it seems like I don’t always see the alert. I wonder if the badge is for one of those that didn’t display.
  2. The badge is on my iPhone, but on my iPad I had notifications off. On the iPad I just turned them on and enabled badges. Even after launching ABRP no badge appears. If this is a clue, maybe a notification came in earlier, which only the iPhone remembered because it was enabled at the time.
  3. Thanks @Jason (ABRP) ! The badge is in iOS.
  4. Jason, it worked well on our road trip, nearly spot-on with remaining SoC percentages at the charging stops. We charged more than “needed” at the stops just in case. I have a few questions. I manually inputted 3800 lbs of extra weight, the rough weight of the Nest trailer. It doesn’t seem like that “adheres” to the new configuration I created for towing the Nest, though. Did I put it in the wrong place? The ability to switch configurations in the app doesn’t seem to be available in all the spots that one could switch vehicles. At times I had difficulty getting to a settin
  5. I just set up a new “configuration” under my Tesla Model X... “with Nest trailer” and I’m about to head out for a road trip. The prior data is from no-trailer... other than selecting the “with Nest” configuration, do I need to do anything to start collecting new performance data (and ignoring old) for trip planning on-the-fly?
  6. Thanks, Jason! Anything I can do to help make it happen, like being a guinea pig?
  7. I have a Tesla Model X and just got an Airstream Nest trailer. Is there a way to create a separate profile of car+trailer so that ABRP can learn what the weight and aerodynamic drag at different speeds does to range, so that I can plan routes with sufficient charging options? Premium feature, perhaps?
  8. The problem persists in iOS app 3.9.8
  9. Description: Using to app on iPhone, after a route is planned, when I zoom in to see details, the blue route line disappears. Replication Steps: Plan a route from Poulsbo WA USA to Los Angeles, then Tucson AZ, And back to Poulsbo Look at entire route Try to zoom in to see local details, notice that to blue line vanishes at some level of zoom. I can supply a screen recording video
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