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  1. @eyeballs Have you already tried to reset the complete route by button, close and restart the app/website? Maybe this can help.
  2. @Chris Yoder It seems to be the same issue like reported here
  3. Description: If you charge beyond the intended SOC charge level, the forecast charge remains at "1 min to xx%". In the graphic, some time information is then given as "Invalid Date". Type: ABRP APP V4.0.50 Replication Steps: Create a route with a charging point Start routing and drive to this charging point Charge beyond the departure SOC @Katya-ABRP Perhaps the time until the departure SOC should no longer be specified once the departure SOC has been reached. I cannot currently think of any other meaningful output of a time specification for this case. However, the current SOC and the current charging power should be displayed while charging continues. In my example the intended departure SOC was 84%.
  4. @spiceagent11@Axeman Meanwhile there’s an option to choose routing alogorithm called “Charging stops”: You can choose between Fewer stops - quickest arrival - shorter legs
  5. @Katya-ABRP Only the straight ahead route instruction is light gray, all other route instructions ae still blue. Is this intended or a bug?
  6. @Wolfgang All options always relate to all locations of a network, not to a single location 🙂 Few months ago I made the translation into German more understandable, if you have a suggestion for a better term, please tell me.
  7. The new Chevrolet Bolt MY2022 and the Chevrolet Bolt EUV MY2022 have a slightly smaller battery: Instead of 66kWh since MY2020 they have only 65kWh capacity beginning in MY2022. @Katya-ABRP Can ABRP create a new Bolt EV car model for Bolt 2022 version? Second request: Due to the safety recall for all ever built Bolts EV/EUV (and also Opel Ampera-e) all built Ampera-e (and also older Bolt EVs) will get the new version of the Bolt EV/EUV MY2022 battery with 65KWh capacity. The replacement will start in a few weeks/months. Can ABRP already create an additional car model with foresight for the Ampera-e with the new 65kWh batterie? (At the moment all Ampera-e have 60kWh capacity.) This would be very nice. 🙂
  8. This seems to be the reason: MG Battery State of Charge,"SoC","","LOOKUP(1.1*(VAL{MG Battery State of Charge RAW}+VAL{XX_BMS_Version_SoC _Factor})::10~0=0:100~110=100)",0,100,"%","","","",1 I think Torque Pro transfers SOC instead of SOC RAW to the ABRP Webserver: SOC is approximatly 10% higher than SOC RAW. I would be happy if that is the solution 🙂
  9. @Bluecruiser Depending of the car Torque Pro knows different SOCs: Cockpit SOC, gross SOC, net SOC, ... Which car do you own? Is it the MG ZS EV? Do you use these OBD PIDs? There are two different SOCs available for MG ZS EV: MG Battery State of Charge RAW,"SoC Raw" MG Battery State of Charge,"SoC" There is no communication directly on the same device between Torque Pro and ABRP. Communication is only possible via the ABRP web server. You have to make sure that the correct SOC is transmitted from Torque Pro to the ABRP web server, so that ABRP App can receive the correct SOC for range calculation. I hope this can help you 🙂
  10. @Katya-ABRP It seems this is the same issue like mentioned here.
  11. TomTomZoe


    Have you already tried to remove both ABRP app on iPhone and also on Apple Watch and reinstall both? Maybe this could help.
  12. @Katya-ABRP I also have this strange behaviour on every route I drive. Using iPhone 11 Pro with ABRP App 4.0.49 and CarPlay. I try to record this phenomenon with a second smartphone. 😉
  13. Meanwhile it is fixed, tested with version 4.0.49. Thank you very much!
  14. Unfortunatly not yet fixed half a year later with version 4.0.49 😐 @Katya-ABRP Is this issue on the todo list?
  15. @Katya-ABRP Here is an example with version 4.0.49 where the issue seems to be solved, it is showing 13km distance.
  16. Description: Traffic signs with route instructions are often only displayed in light gray instead of blue Type: ABRP App V4.0.49, iOS 14.7.1, iPhone 11 Pro Replication Steps: Follow active routing Change Map mode on Car Play Display a few times Blue traffic sign changes to light gray Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
  17. I think using Livedata with the individual driving model should handle the nonlinear rati between SOC and Energy. Do you use live data?
  18. Description: The accuracy of the route to the next junction is exaggerated Type: iOS App V4.0.47 It does not make sense to give distance information for distances of more than 3km which are accurate to 50 meters. In this example the distance is 134.650m and the distance ist actualized every 50m. 🤨 I think it is absolutely sufficient to specify distances over 3km to one kilometer: In this case 134km would be much more nicer to read 😃 3500m should be shown as 3km, 2500m should be shown as 2500m. @Katya-ABRP What do you think about this?
  19. @Samuel-ABRP I would also prefer to not show routes which are not driveable. When they are not driveable, why are they shown? It does not make nse in my opinion. I would also prefer an additionly setting where one can activate or deactive alternate routes on the map. At the moment alternate routes are always longer routes, so why I should take a longer route. I don't understand the intention of this. 😵 If the routing algorithm would show a shorter or faster route, I can decive if I want to drive that route. Following screens shows a completly useless alternative route which lasts 17min longer, it's not recognizable where the alternative route goes and why it will take 17min longer. Showing such an alternative route really does not make sense at all in my opinion. So please show only alternative routes which are usefull, or give us a switch to be able to activate/deactive alternative routes 😉 What do you think about it?
  20. @Sofia-ABRP It would also be helpful to reduce the overall size of the speach bubble, not the font size, but the size of the speach bubble. At the moment the white area is ways too big and covers too much from the map.
  21. I have also the same problem with the App: I cannot set a departure date and time, the field is not editable. (The Website of ABRP has no problem with this topic.)
  22. I have the same problem with radio volume level after voice announcements from ABRP. 😐
  23. Have you tried to completely uninstall both iPhone and Watch App. Maybe reinstalling them completely new may help.
  24. I had only once the situation that ABRP inserted automatically an additional charging stop. And in this case the issue occurred. So I assume it will happen always when automatically insert an additional charging station during driving.
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