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  1. Und wie könnte Deiner Meinung nach ABRP die Sache hier verbessern? Ist das nicht eher ein Verbesserungswunsch für Plugsurfing selbst? Oder wolltest Du andere nur auf die Tatsache der unkorrekten Plugsurfing Daten aufmerksam machen, dann ist dies hier aber das falsche Unterforum.
  2. There‘s no difference in this requirement regarding drive type. How should a car workshop diagnose an BEV car if it had no ODB-II?
  3. Every new car has to have a OBD-II Connector, that‘s a requirement since the last millennium 😏
  4. Leafspy has to be configured to upload data to ABRP using your account. That‘s all.
  5. In march 2020 Kona increased the official WLTP range to 484km (300mi). Please note that the average speed driven during WLTP cycle is only 46,6 km/h (29 mi/h)! The average speed in your plan is 88km/h (55 mi/h). So you won't arrive at destination with 150 miles remaining, it will be propably about 87 miles (141km).
  6. I see that the ABRP calculates 61% of 64kWh for your plan. That are 39 kWh. Your plan shows 221km (137 miles). The trip will need 2h29min. So the average speed will be 88km/h (55 miles/h). 39kWh divided by 221km are 17.4kWh/100km (3.6miles/kWh). That’s a fully normal consumption for a Kona EV. The Kona may have a WLTP (or EPA) range of 310 miles (499km). But it has not a range of 310 miles driving highways or from town to town. The consumption in reality is way lower, like for all other cars independent of ICE or EV.
  7. I opened your link and saw that ABRP couldn't route because it wants to use my own home address and of course not yours 😉. The result will be a total different route (from Germany to California? 😇) with which your problem can probably not be traced. If you do not want to publish your home address, try to plan with another start location some miles away from your home address, and see if the problem still exists. Then post the link of the new route.
  8. The screenshots are from iPad Mini 5 iOS 13.5.1 running in landscape mode.
  9. Description: Route should take up the entire available display area Type: Website and App Link to Plan: all plans Replication Steps: Calculate plan Switch to "Next step" or "Destination" view Drive The actual position is nearly centered on the map area. The destination is squeezed to the edge. @Jason (ABRP) Is it possible to improve the visible part of the map in "next step" and "destination" view, so that that the route pretty much takes up the whole map section? Actual map section does not use the space: Improved map section, more details visible:
  10. In consultation with Internio the description for English version is changed.
  11. @Dr DuMont Go to Settings -> battery & charging stations -> maximum SOC during charge. There you will find the 65% setting. You can optimize this value for your car by using a higher SOC. In the german version it’s called “max. SOC beim Laden”. I use 66% SOC for my Ampera-e.
  12. @Jared Yes, you can enter your personal reference consumption at constant speed of 65mph. But normally there should be already a standard value for your car model as default. Extra weight is all about the official empty weight of the car including 75kg for the driver. Yes, you can include the other passengers and luggage. I optimized the German translation of this option to get a better understanding. At the moment I don’t know if the original English version was also improved. I will check this.
  13. This would be also a nice feature for me. @Tesla Coil By the way: You can’t drive 160km/h with an Ampera-e (maybe only downhill 😉). It’s limited to 150km/h showing about 154km/h on speedometer.
  14. End of june I made a 2400km trip within Germany. All charging stations I used on the route plan which are registered to Hubject show their state (occupied, free, unknown).
  15. @Kelsey Avoiding a charging station is an individual setting for that charging station. You have to click on the icon of this chargering station in the map. Then you click on “allow charger” (“erlaube Ladepunkt”) Now the charging station will be used for route planning again 😀
  16. I doublechecked today and I notified that actual only a badge on iPad mini is visible, the badge on iPhone is gone. 🤪
  17. Do you use one single device for getting Live Data and running ABRP? In my device constellation (I use an Android Tablet running Torque Pro for getting Live Data from OBD, and ABRP is running on an iPad) the arrow for the actual driving position does also not show in the driving direction, but sometimes left, sometimes right, sometimes diagonal ....)
  18. @Jason (ABRP) I have the same issue with the badge in iOS 13.5.0 iPhone and iOS 13.5.1 iPad 🤨
  19. It would be nice if the displayed live battery capacity could be rounded to one decimal place. In this example 55.9 sounds much better than 55.86666 @Jason (ABRP) What do you think about this little improvement?
  20. Description: 3D View on iPad mini 5 iOS 13.5.1 shows only white map Type: ABRP Website V4.0.13 Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication Steps: Start a plan with other view than 3D view Switch to 3D view Map is visible only for half a second, then it gets completely white Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
  21. Description: My default language is german. After ABRP Update the default language is english Type: ABRP App and Website, version 4.0.13, 4.0.11 and older ones Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication Steps: Set language to german using ABRP account Update ABRP App or run updated ABRP version of website Language is resetted to english on both App and website, I have to change the language back to german not only in the App but also on the website. The language setting seems not to be synchronized over all platforms. Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
  22. It’s the same with the 10min notification, I get them also twice. Still the same issue also with ABRP 4.0.13.
  23. TomTomZoe

    Badge displaying

    Meanwhile I registered a payment method for premium account and therefore got a one year premium account, but the badge is still visible.
  24. Due to my specific setup (Torque Pro running on Android WiFi only Tablet which is tethered from iPhone, ABRP running on iPad) I also like to have an easy to identify indicator on ABRP screen when live data is missing more than 10 seconds.😀
  25. TomTomZoe

    Badge displaying

    I have this badge still I signed up for premium account, I‘m within 14 days free trial period and I havn‘t registered a payment method until now. Maybe this badge is a reminder for registering a payment method? 🤔

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