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  1. It seems that ABRP has sometimes a problem if you plan a trip avoiding highways and there are one or more waypoints. I can comprehend this. But it's not in all cases. It tested different short and long trips avoiding highways which get either a result or result in an error. 🤨
  2. TomTomZoe


    Hi @BOBMS90D (+1) indicates a change of day: Switching from 11:48 PM (today) to 12:06 AM (tomorrow). I hope this explanations helps.
  3. Hi @ChrisG Interesting situation, the main route seems to be the highway from Newbury to West Green House. Which route would you suggest to use if you avoid driving highways? Would you drive through Tadley and Hook?
  4. I don't know if I understood your question exactly. Did you try to increase volume with the regular volume buttoms of your iPhone during CarPlay is talking? Another answer could be: At the moment the decreasing of the radio volume level will not be resetted back to 100% after ABRP finished talking. This is a known issue of ABRP.
  5. I think there might be a missing Tronity entry in ABRP database concerning OBD possibilities for the Citroën e-C4, @Katya-ABRP?
  6. @Oyinko You can find more infirnations about Tronity on their website https://www.tronity.io/?lang=en
  7. Hi @dsrenger Do you use live data for weather with the ABRP premium account?
  8. I verified the issue again through three trips: Now it worked like intended. Strange but fine. 😃
  9. This happened on my watch while using CarPlay with the iPhone, and I havn’t started the ABRP App on my iPhone. i just opened ABRP on my watch, my iPhone is out of reach, so it has no connection, displaying „Loading...“. In this scenario the watch App also disappears after some minutes. I think the Watch App should not disappear itself in all cases, even if not connected, @Katya-ABRP?
  10. @Katya-ABRP The ABRP Watch app starts now, but unfortunetly the app closes itself (or crashes or is closed through OS) after some minutes. 🤨 I use iPhone 11 Pro iOS 14.4.1 and Apple Watch SE WatchOS 7.3.3. I start the Watch app and see the actual SOC from my Opel Ampera-e, then I start driving. Every few minutes I turn on the display of my watch and see that the app is still working. After a while I stop looking at the app regularly, then I think about looking at it again, so I turn on the display of the watch and now notice that the ABRP app is no longer running on the watch. 😔
  11. I use iOS ABRP app together with Torque Pro since about 18 month 😉. Do not use Torque (lite), which cannot import PIDs. Only Torque Pro is usable with ABRP. Are you using Android or iOS?
  12. TomTomZoe


    Hi @Kevin The best way to contact ABRP directly is to use the contact formular which you will find if you scroll down the website. Then click on ‚contact us‘.
  13. Hi @Jerry Duke! You have to go to the settings of your car in ABRP. Then click on ‚settings‘, then on ‚show live data instructions‘. (I don‘t know exactly the english translation, in german it‘s called ‚Live-Daten Anweisungen anzeigen‘) You will see different options to connect your live data. One of these is Torque Pro. Click on ‚Connect Torque’ and follow the instructions to setup up Torque Pro to send live data to ABRP Webserver. I hope this will help you connecting your Bolt to ABRP.
  14. Today ABRP 4.0.38 for iOS was released. ABRP for Apple Watch now displays the SOC again. 👍
  15. @Valavet You can‘t import PIDs in Torque Lite, only with Torque Pro this can be done.
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