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  1. The settings should be stored within your account and applied to all devices you use with ABRP. The blue round button starts routing immediatly with the selected values. There's no function to save them extra, the values are taken after typing them in. The arrow left button closes the settings page without (re-)calculating the route. The plans and the settings are independent from each other, unless you create a weblink, then you have the route together with the settings.
  2. Description: Speech bubbles of the alternative routes hide the route Type: App V4.0.46 Replication Steps: Start routing Switch to Overview View The speech bubbles showing the additonal time for alternative routes hide the route. You don't see where the alternative route begins and where both routing go The issue is both on the iPhone and CarPlay display Please improve the position of the speech bubbles for alternative routes, in case of the situations showing on my screenshots place them left or right of the route but not directly on the route. 😃 Situation #1 (iPhone Display): Situation #1 (CarPlay Display): Situation #2 (iPhone Display): Situation #2 (CarPlay Display):
  3. @Katya-ABRP I saw the same problem with ABRP V4.0.46 which I used last three weeks very intensive on a 2900km roundtrip through germany: If the motorway has a slight right turn (for example 5 degree right), and at this point there is a structurally separate exit and access lane, then ABRP will choose the "one meter" shorter route through the exit and access lane instead of staying on the motorway. I got no navigation instruction to leave the motorway completly, but to use the separate exit and access lane and then continue on the regular motorway. 🙃 Really irritating, because the overview view is changed to the detail view in this moment and you can't change it back to overview view (to get a clearer understanding of the strange situation) until ARBP routing has passed the change of direction, which in truth is no change of direction, as it actually goes straight on. 😁 Unfortunatly I have no screenshot of this situation, but it happed many times on my trip.
  4. @dspanogle Are you sure that in your browser configuration cookies are allowed? Or do you have an user account and save it when your are logged in?
  5. @Petteri Which Apple Watch/WatchOS and iPhone/iOS version do you have? I use Apple Watch SE with WatchOS 7.5, iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 14.6 together with ABRP App Version 4.0.46 and have still no longer problems with crashes.
  6. Description: After rerouting, the symbol of the charging station added by the app itself and the intended charging time are not shown on the CarPlay display but only on the iPhone Display Type: iOS App V4.0.46 Replication Steps: Create a route Start driving Choose one of the alternative routes during trip An automaticly inserted chargestop is not shown on the map of the CarPlay Display. On the iPhone Display the charging station and the intended charging time are shown like intended iPhone 11 Pro Display: Fastned Station is visible ("charge 36min" together with Icon) CarPlay Display: Fastned Station is not visible, no intended charging time displayed
  7. @cent The values on this screenhot seem all to be correct 😀
  8. Hi @Salava ABRP tries to minimize the overall travel time, that means driving plus charging plus overhead for charging. Please check if you set the „maxium SOC allowed when charging“ to the desired value of 85%. You find it at Settings -> Battery & Chargers -> Charger max. SoC You can also adapt charging overhead (searching a charger, connecting the car, starting the charger, etc.) to your demands, maybe to 5 minutes. You find it at Settings -> Battery & Chargers -> Charging overhead Take into concern that the possible max. charging power of batteries will decrease in higher SOCs (60…90%+ depending on the car). Sometimes the overall travel time is shorter with one charging stop more (and using the lower SOC area with higher charging power capability) instead of charging with less power into higher SOCs. I hope this annotations will help you. 🙂
  9. @Bluecruiser The PID file (it is a text file with file extension “.csv”) has to be copied into the folder “.torque/extendedpids”. You have to create the folder “extendedpids” if it doesn’t exist within the folder “.torque” .
  10. Hi @Bluecruiser You do not need a premium account for using live data from your OBD, a normal ABRP account is sufficient. For OBD you need Torque Pro to import your car‘s special OBD PIDs. Torque Light cannot import userdefined PID‘s and therefore it is not useable for your car. I hope this helps 😀
  11. Can you please name your Smartphone/Version and the ABRP App Version?
  12. TomTomZoe

    iOS app crash

    I often have a similar problem with home and destination address: When I select one of the saved addresses the app immediately crashes. If I type in instead the same address myself and let it complete by ABRP, it can be used without crash. iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 14.4.2, iOS App V4.0.41 (401)
  13. It seems that ABRP has sometimes a problem if you plan a trip avoiding highways and there are one or more waypoints. I can comprehend this. But it's not in all cases. It tested different short and long trips avoiding highways which get either a result or result in an error. 🤨
  14. TomTomZoe


    Hi @BOBMS90D (+1) indicates a change of day: Switching from 11:48 PM (today) to 12:06 AM (tomorrow). I hope this explanations helps.
  15. Hi @ChrisG Interesting situation, the main route seems to be the highway from Newbury to West Green House. Which route would you suggest to use if you avoid driving highways? Would you drive through Tadley and Hook?
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