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  1. Hi there is an issue with the app and iPad as I have raised, you sent an email indicating I need submit but it’s there so I’m a little confused but the app still doesn’t work on an iPad latest updates for all and yes uninstall,reinstall,turn off turn on still it has an issue not with phone go figure
  2. I have the same problem works fine on iPhone but not iPad ABRP version 4.0.11 Ipad os 13.5.1 Unable to enter departure or destination points I have uninstalled, shutdown then restarted then reinstalled still no improvements
  3. When attempting to use iPad to plan routes you are unable to enter departure or destination points using versus 4.0.11 I have uninstalled, shutdown, restarted, reinstalled still no improvements Ipad sw version 13.5.1
  4. Where are you from? Australia What car do you drive? M3PD What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? 500km
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