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  1. Description: Using ABRP with MicroG instead of the Google androi services Premium user here. Hi a lot of phones are now sold with MicroG https://microg.org/ instead of the Google mobiles services ( google apps ) preinstalled on most phones. You can see this kind of phones/OS here https://e.foundation/ it seems abrp is constantly making the phone freeze when running , so I stop using ABRP for now until it can works flawlessly .
  2. OK , I have installed flite synthethesis from Fdroid and ABRP used it directly with sucess and does not bug me anymore
  3. Hi , Each time I start ABRP on Android 10 , it launch the playstore to install something that could not be found. Can you tell me what check you do at startup ?
  4. Thanks for the new , I'm doing a trip on the 27th of february , would be cool if Google let us test ABRP on android auto then
  5. There is so much more in being premium , I think people don't understand the work involved in such app
  6. Hi , I'm a premium running android 11 here : - Verytime I start ABRP , it ask to install google voice synthesis but it s already installed - I tried 10 kms trip and it get stuck after few minutes , the point on Map does not move anymore and thus no giudance ....
  7. Hi Im a premium account for few months and prepare a 900 kms trip end of february and I have few questions on the app , should I ask here ? or there is a specific way to get support when you are premium ?
  8. Thanks ! Can you point me to a list of the charger data sources used by ABRP ? I see openchargemap at least and tesla SC obviously All chargers info should be opendata , at least when they were built with public money
  9. Hello , I've been following ABRP from the start and really love what you do. ( E-niro ) I would go premium if it includes at least the status ( Working, occupied ) of the charging points . I think the right way to that is to connect to GIREVE API https://www.gireve.com/ Is this something that is under works ? Many thanks
  10. Nice to see the Niro out of alpha ! I will be doing some mountains netx week and will send data for sure !
  11. Very happy that you suceed to move away from google ! OSM FTW !
  12. Hi can you just confirm that You receive my torquePro trips ? Can we check them somewhere ? thanks
  13. OK just every thing is setup now I made a small trip to confirm live data is updated and it works great !
  14. Just got my e-niro in France ( NO heat Pump ) , grabbed Torque Pro and will set up the server connection this week. I feel that today ABRP is really pessimistic with the e-niro in term of consumption @ 130 km/h
  15. Hello , Thanks so much for ABRP ! I guess you should collaborate but big app like chargemap & co so they could trip planing as good as abrp I will have my niro en of march and will help you using torque pro
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