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  1. Thanks Jason. I've made the changes you recommend (I think - the closest I came to a SoH PID was battery capacity guess) but still got a negative calibrated reference consumption. I've noticed that the app sometimes takes a while to acknowledge changes so I'll run it a few more cycles before I decide it's still broke. Thanks for all the work you put in to this. I've been working hard to understand it and get it set up for my car because we are planning a 1700mi trip this spring. All the math and monitoring your app does gives me peace of mind I won't get from basic Plugshare charger locations. Separately, I've spent a lot of time trying to understand the terminology and what all the information means, and it's been a bit of a struggle for me. As an example, I thought the negative calibrated reference consumption was simply my measured departure from the standard. I guess that was a bad assumption.... If there's any interest in developing a "quickstart" sort of guide for newbies I wouldn't mind volunteering to be involved in that. Or it it already exists, where might I find it?
  2. On a 90 mile drive I expected that the "Planned SoC" would indicate what the app expected the state of charge would be at a given point on the trip. Instead, it read the initial live data state of charge and never changed. If I forced a replan by tapping the button or straying from the planned route it would then update Planned SoC with the then-current live Soc. Is there something wrong with my setup or did I misunderstand what Planned SoC is intended to convey? I'm driving a '19 Bolt and get data to the app via Torque. That all seems to work as expected and logs should be uploading to ABRP.
  3. I saw this happen in Google Maps along the Ohio Turnpike so it's not unique to ABRP. I asked a rest area employee about leaving out the back way as Google showed and she suggested it only if I wanted to get arrested!
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