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  1. I played around with your routeplanner since i shortly have an electric ZOE. I try to be as quick as possible, charge only at home if possible. Or use 11/22 kW chargers on walking distance (1 km = 10/15 minutes) nearby destination if I stay there for a longer time (> 1h) I noticed on my 2x81 km trip-planning (home - destination - home) I can be back home in 1:47 by changing max speed to 115 km/h. (total 205 Wh/km) However, if I put max speed to 130 km/h (and slower if needed) the website plans it in 1:57 by automatic max speed limiting to 100 km/h to the first waypoint (81 km, 57 minutes, 39% consumption) and change the second part to back-roads and no speed limiting (also 81 km, but more 80km/h-roads, 59 minutes, 46% consumption). (total 195Wh/km) Why? - Is the outcome not always the fastest total trip time. - Not also automatic changing the max speed to the second way-point.

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