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  1. @Joyride Thanks for reporting this! I've brought it to the attention of the dev team, we'll look into it!
  2. @Henndi As a short term solution, you can now choose "Limited Supercharging" for older Tesla vehicles, which will assume a lower rate of charging while calculating stop times. To enable this, go to the Settings cog at the bottom of the planning side panel, then go to the section to update your car and click the gear next to it. Click on your car model to choose a new one, and select your model/year/battery size. At the end, you'll get another pop up (seen below), where you can choose "Limited Supercharging". Does this help with the issues you're seeing?
  3. Responses from a couple, mostly boilerplate, but at least a direct response and not just ignoring it: Semaconnect: EVgo:
  4. I've also sent the it to the major US networks near me: EA, EVgo, ChargePoint, Blink, & SemaConnrct
  5. For those wondering, the latest firmware still has the ability to sideload apps, but it's just gotten more complicated. Don't know how that impacts ABRP Transmitter, but if somebody is comfortable with Android ADB & wants to tinker, see this XDA thread (Jump to pages 40 & higher for anything relevant to the latest version): https://forum.xda-developers.com/general/connected-car/hack-navigation-multimedia-systems-kia-t3892333 My Kona seems to be a little different, haven't yet figured out how to install things to it, yet.
  6. bjg222

    Planning Logic

    @sfzpilot Here's another possibility if you're looking to do longer charging stops. After you create a plan, go to your first charger and click the "Long Break" icon (looks like a Hamburger). That will tell the algorithm to charge there for longer (up to an hour, I think). Let it replan, then go to the next charger and do the same. In this way, you can make sure that each of your stops charge to your max charge level (I have mine set to 80%, since that's mostly when fast charging drops off). A bit more manual, but avoids artificially adding a bunch of extra time to the route.
  7. @TheBazeman Thanks for the great suggestion, I've brought it to the attention of the dev team as a potential feature
  8. bjg222

    Planning Logic

    The algorithm definitely prioritizes minimizing overall time, so if it can get away with shorter stops, it will. Generally, that means charging to just the level you need to get to for the next leg rather than longer charge times to over 80%. I also generally means looking for ways to drive down to as low a SoC as is reasonable on each leg. This can lead to the lots of short charges you're seeing. I personally enjoy this a bit, stopping for 10-15 minutes every hour and a half seems less like you're sitting around than stopping for 45 minutes every 4 hours, but that's definitely just a personal preference. Adding to the charge overhead time is a workaround, though if you've got 8 charging stops, then that adds a lot of time to the perceived route that you have to remember to subtract out at the end. There has been some other discussions in the forum suggesting a minimum stops priority rather than fastest time, so I'll check with the dev team on if there are any plans to implement something similar.
  9. @Henndi I've brought your issue to the attention of the dev team so somebody can look into it. I do know that for CCS/Chademo charge points, you can click the gear icon next to a charger in the plan to get to the settings & manually set the kW and time or final SoC, and it will recalculate the charge time (as @limpel pointed out). It appears there might be a different thing happening for Teslas. If it turns out to be a bug, I'll make sure it gets addressed.
  10. bjg222

    Planning Logic

    One way you can encourage the planner to make fewer stops is to increase the setting for additional time needed for each stop ("charge door open time" or something similar). It'll add time to each planning stop, but a higher value will lead to fewer stops.
  11. In case you're still looking for it, Jason posted a blog post with some info on the open source places that ABRP grabs charger info from: If you go to that post and visit the links at the top, you can confirm that these sources are accurate for chargers you know about, and it will help remove decommissioned chargers like this
  12. @LevYoung, Thanks for sharing, that site looks very interesting.
  13. You can now do this. If you click the gear next to a waypoint while you're entering your route info, you can enter the "Charge here" info. If you know the hotel's charger info, you can put in the rate, otherwise if you're using a L2 charger, you can probably just guess about 3-7 kW. Then click the button to toggle from "FOR" to "TO", and enter your expected charge when you leave the hotel.
  14. It appears that EA might do away with its tiered time-based rate structure and transition to per kWh pricing. https://insideevs.com/news/423141/electrify-america-exclusive-interview-pay-by-kwh/ Hopefully, this will be a better resolution to the current issues with EA & the Kona/Niro than their current stopgap "Kona plan"! (The Kona/Niro are capable of charging at a couple kW above a price tier break, but rarely do so in real life. But the charge based the time you're there at a rate based on what a car is capable of rather than what it actually draws!)

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