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  1. Hi, I was looking at the Torque Pro pairing instructions (I don't have the app or OBD unit) in the Car model tab and when I exited my Car model is now identified as null - Chevrolet Spark EV ( alpha) What is null- for and why is it there now? Thanks for the support. I love ABRP Francois
  2. I just updated to version 3.9.2 When trying to adjust the temperature to -10, the minus sign can't be applied; it is not recognized... I had to copy/paste it in order to list it in the box.
  3. When I want to get the return route I just move the destination boxes in the opposite order, activate the routing and save the new leg. There may be a better way but being a new user that's how I do it. I am looking for an online tutorial but haven't found any yet...
  4. Hi I am a new user overwhelmed a little by all the features of ABRP. Is there a tutorial available online? Thx
  5. Where are you from? I am from the Montreal Quebec area What car do you drive? I drive à SPARK EV 2LT 2016 What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? Ottawa Ontario
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