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  1. Kermit68

    Torque Pro

    PIDs have no standard names, only Hex addresses and that's why I asked for naming convention ABRP is using and of course what kind of data they need.
  2. Let's start the topic on MY21 🙂 Below you can find the logged data from an HPC chargin session (6% - 98%). Raw data from OBD port are available, please just tell me the format you prefere (csv or excel).
  3. Kermit68

    Torque Pro

    I have the OVMS box, it's very interesting for reverse engineering but for ABRP live data I think it's a little bit overkilling. Beside that, if I use he OVMS box I can't get easily many data as I can get with Torque Pro (now that we know the PID to look for) as there is only one OBD port in the car. I already tried a Y cable to connect both the OVMS box and a bluetooth adapter but the bus gets too busy and many times you loose data.
  4. It's a 4/5 people team exchanging data on https://www.ipaceforums.co.uk/ One it's me, I can be the inteface as I'm the only one with a MY21 and there are some minor differences in the PIDs. It's probably easier if you tell us which data you absolutely need and ones are "nice to have". The list we came across is pretty big ...
  5. Kermit68

    Torque Pro

    I guess ABRP will not get the PID number but just a PID name and its value. Therefore we need a "standard" way to name the PIDs so the ABRP can understand the data is receiving. But I also guess that ABRP will need a limited number od PID (SoC%, ext temp, maybe battery temperature, maybe istant Power and reamining energy in the battery estimation). Just guessing, we need Jason to guide us of course.
  6. @Jason-ABRP I happen to have a brand new MY21 since 3 weeks :-) I have a charging curve @18°C ambient temeprature using a Tritium HPC. I have a lot of data beside the charging curve itself, like real SoC, battery temparature, voltage and current. I only miss the very beginning part of the curve sice I forgot to immediately start data logging from OBD port. But I a few dayes I'll have the opportunity for another deep charge. Please tell me what would you like me to log and the format of the data you need (cvs ?) Probably also better to move this to a dedicated discussione for MY21.
  7. @Jason-ABRP what about the MY21 model ? For what we have understood there are no differeneces with regards to consumptio while the DC charging curve is different. I'm collecting some data about that since I just gor a new MY21 I-Pace. Can I be of any help in improving the MY21 model ?
  8. I'm having the same problem but with a different car model, could you please tell me how you solve it? Thx
  9. Any news on Ovms integration in ABRP? I have an I-Pace and I would like to send live data thru my OVMS box.
  10. If I tap on the blue route to visualize the route graph as in the standard desktop versions the app closes. Tried on Samsung S9 v10 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 v9
  11. Actually we were both right. I switched in my preferences from metric to British units and I got 406 wh / mi as you told me. 406 / 1.609 (1 mile is 1.609 km) equals to 252. Maybe it's just a problem of data non correctly updated. My car has 20" btw.
  12. I tried right now both the old website and the new abrp website and they are both using 263 wh / km @110 km/h. But I'm always changing it to 250 for my planning so no big deal even though I would like to see the model further tuned and passed at a beta stage.
  13. Are you using the default 263 wh / km @110 Km/h or a lower value? I'm asking because for me the "magic" number is rather 250 wh / km. Just curious ... 😉
  14. I agree. Nobody is talking about "extra battery capacity" but rather that zero SOC reported by the car has changed. This may have an effect on Jason model as it gives an indication of the SOC level you should arrive and leave the charger.
  15. As far as I now, JLR has not reported the new number as well as they never officially reported the previous one. Most if not all I-Pace owners with Android phone are using an app called Wattcat developed by a very nice and clever Norwegian guy that among many other info it is reporting not the SoC % but also the available kwh. Since the info is coming from JLR api we always consider that pretty accurate and the numbers I was reporting to you (84 or 85 kwh) after full recharge are coming from that. My car is 6 months old, it has 8000 km and it has been fast charged only 3 times so I'm assuming
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