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  1. This feature used to be available in the older version of the site, so would be nice to have this available again in the table. Which by the way, I still find the table view much easier and clearer to read than the step by step view. Thanks.
  2. Hi, can we move this up the priority list? This is a very annoying problem to have when trying to plan trips. Thanks.
  3. I'm getting this same problem as well, and am sure this work before. Looks like a regression! In the screen shot below, doing a route down I-87 and trying to avoid the Kingston SC, but it still shows up in my route.
  4. I would suggest also adding the ability to note the cost of the ferry. This is useful in determining whether it's worth taking the ferry or taking the longer but potentially cheaper way around.
  5. Description: Add a setting or option to minimize the number of stops required on a given trip. This could be a simple checkbox in the advanced settings menu to minimize stops, and it would calculate a route with the fewest possible number of charging stops possible within the given route, with the understanding that each stop could be longer. Use Case: The default route planning behaviour appears to be to minimize the amount of time spent charging at each stop. However there may be cases where I would prefer to take a longer stop and make a longer drive with fewer stops overall in my trip. Rather than manually set each charging station to "take a longer break", it would be nice for the route to just be prioritized for longer but fewer stops.

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