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  1. What is the curb weight for the Kia e-Niro (64KW) in ABRP? Can I see that anywhere? Here on the website or something? So the stored weight includes the driver with 75kg. Correct? So if, for example, I weigh 100kg and my wife is traveling with 60kg (without luggage), do I set 85kg as the extra weight? greetings Marco
  2. Hi, I've been trying to plan ABRP for some time now and I'm thrilled. It is now the case that my new KIA e-Niro 2020 will soon be at the door. So now my question: How to enter "extra weight"? Or, what "basis weight" is used in the planning? The empty weight from the manufacturer (for the Kia e-Niro here 1812kg)? Is the driver already included with 70kg? Or what weight is stored in ABRP? greetings Marco
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