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  1. Can we just have something that lets us switch between cars without 6 clicks? I don't need to see them all at once on the map to select between them. That is, I don't want you to compute the route for each one simultaneously and let me dynamically select it.
  2. Description: The ability to save a car is great. Please allow more than one. Use Case: I have an S75D and an X100D. I often switch between the two when planning a route. Switching between them takes 6 clicks in the new interface. Now that I can save 1 car, I can select back to my S in just 1 click. But it's still 6 clicks to select the X. I only seem to be able to save 1 car.
  3. Description: The multi-line names for saved routes in the old interface were easier to read Use Case: I have many saved routes. I customize the name to make it easier to pick them, and especially to highlight any waypoints I added in that route. The multiline names in the old interface made it easier to see the variant of the routes. The new interface doesn't allow multi-line names, and the route name doesn't look as good. Pictures are the old interface and the new interface. Note there is a separate transition problem. If I save a route with a newline in the old interface, like this: X to Clarkson University to Best Western Canton to Home It ends up looking like this in the new interface: X to Clarkson University<div>to Best Western Canton<br><span style="font-size: 16pt;">to Home</span></div> I edited them all to look like this: X to Clarkson University / to Best Western Canton / to Home I really liked being able to put the "to" at the beginning of the line, and "return home" at the end.
  4. I notice these were recently added to the legacy web app. This makes the planned trip box take up all the horizontal space. Can there be an option to hide these columns?
  5. John

    IOS & Android App ?

    While an app might be nice, I use ABRP on my Android phone in Chrome all the time without much of a hassle. I'm usually using the phone just for following a trip I've already planned out.
  6. The plan for our trip in the S to Cedar Point (CP). It included an overnight in Buffalo, NY (both ways) at my in-laws, where we charged overnight. It also included a stop at the Cleveland Airport to pick up and drop off my daughter on the way to CP. I was also able to add in overnight charging at the hotel at CP. Even with all that charging, we needed 9 SuperCharger stops.
  7. Where are you from? Massachusetts, USA What car do you drive? Current: Tesla S 75D (mine), Tesla X 100D (my wife's) Prior: Nissan LEAF 2013 SL (mine) As of the end of 2018 we only have BEVs. We've driven about 80,000 miles total in our EVs since 2014. What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? Our longest single trip was 1,400 miles round trip, from home to the Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio. Fully planned out in ABetterRoutePlanner. 😎 I've been a user of ABRP for about 2 years. I had tried several other planning sites I read about in the TMC forums, but when I found ABRP, I just knew it was better. I've donated a few times -- thank you for this amazing tool! My profile on TMC is jlv1: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/members/jlv1.40118/
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