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  1. Thanks for your great work. ABRP is a super helpful tool for both new and experienced EV owners, and this is how all manufacturers should make their in-car route planners. 🙂 Regarding the different Audi e-tron quattro models, I feel that the list- and the reference consumption needs to be updated. You should also show wheel options, which makes a big difference. The same goes for all other cars in the database, like eg. Taycan.. It's a lot of work and hard to make it 100% correct, however it is important. Wider wheels always lead to higher consumption. Larger diameter, not so much. Here a
  2. Is that on average, including short trips? The consumption for me is _lower_ than suggested. I’ve done some substantial testing and over 22.000 kms, and find that the 2019 e-tron quattro (83,6 kWh w/mirrors) uses under 235 Wh/km. doing 110 km/h on a roundtrip with neutral weather; 18-20C, no wind, no traffic, 20 inch wheels, summer tires and 2,9 bar tire pressure. Drive mode Efficiency, 21C,fan speed 1. 240 Wh/km should be the reference consumption for the 2019 model (83,6 kWh). Probably 235 Wh/km for the 2020 e-tron 55 quattro (86,5 kWh) and e-tron 50 quattro (64,7 kWh). Witho
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