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  1. Is the total time column meant to ignore the charge time if you manually set a charging duration? For example https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=92685406-0b10-47d0-b14c-f8aba84e1244 the first 10 min charging time is taken into account as its auto generated, but the second stop that I've manually added isn't.
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    Does the routing include traffic in its timings and route selection? as sometimes when checking routes between here and Google Maps/Waze, ABRB has a much lower drive time.
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    Units Selection

    Description: Either split the units out per type: Speed/Distance, Weight, Temperature. Or add another option of Imperial (UK). Use Case: In the UK we use a strange mixture of Metric and Imperial. Speeds and Distance are measured in miles, but temperature and weight are in °C and KG.

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