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  1. I don't have that setting in my settings menu...must be a Premium feature or something.
  2. So I checked my settings and it all looks ok. What's weird is that it gets my location on the head unit fine on start up, but as soon as I move off, nothing happens...
  3. I do have a Xiaomi! Thank you, will try.
  4. I tried the Android Auto beta a few months back and It was wasn't updating the location as I was driving in my 38Kwh Ioniq, so I gave up on it. Tried it again last weekend after reinstall, and it still does the same thing. App has location permissions granted in Android settings and shows the location on the phone, but if you drive away, the car doesn't refresh the location on the head unit. Add that to the fact the battery level reports as 100% soc all the time and I think this is more of an Alpha than a Beta release.. 😞
  5. For me, on my Hyundai Ioniq, you can search for a destination and start the guidance, and the first instruction appears and then it doesn't get any further. It permanently stays at the starting position regardless of how far you drive... :(
  6. Another vote for Android Auto here. Please
  7. Are there any plans to supply SDL on Android, or does it already support it and I've missed it? This seem to work OK on Sygic... Thanks
  8. Just some feedback in the Apple AppStore. For a few days I assumed this app didn’t exist in the App Store. When you search for “a better router planner” or “Better route planner” ...there are no results. When I visited this site, you obviously discover it exists. Not sure anything can be done about search optimisation in the store...possibly missing out on some downloads there.
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