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  1. If I touch the screen I get several buttons: in the upper right is either "Plan" or "End Navigation". In the lower right is a picture that looks like a map and switched between a drawn map and an overhead photo. But also in the lower right is an icon that looks like two of the "where I started" markers. I don't see that it makes any change on the screen, but maybe I missed something. What is its purpose? Thanks!
  2. I'm not Jason, but I also use a Vgate iCar but on a 2019. For me, the Rear Cross-traffic alert works just fine, and LKA works, uh, as well as it ever did 🙂
  3. You may have to contact EVNotify and have them reset the ABRP token. That worked for me. In other words, I had to unlink from EVNotify, then ask them to clear (or reset) the token (maybe not the right term) and then I was able to re-connect and it worked.
  4. I totally agree with the thanks for a direct connection. It is just too hard to use regularly otherwise. Also happy to be an early tester (iPhone, Chevy Bolt)
  5. @BarryH, I'm not sure if this was an answer to my question, or a request for info or...? If it was a request I should have said this before: I have a 2019 Bolt, currently using EVNotify--both ABRP and EVNotify on an iPhone. I use a bluetooth OBD device. But of course the way I am using it, only EVNotify is using Bluetooth. That's why I wonder what is new that caused ABRP to ask.
  6. I have not run ABRP in a few weeks, and today I started it on my iPhone (accidentally if truth be told) and it asked for permission to use Bluetooth to connect to my car. Are my eyes deceiving me? Is the latest ABRP actually able to connect to (something) on the car to get data? That would be a bit whoo hoo. However, the latest version has nothing like that on the release notes. Any thoughts what new feature might be here that needs BT? <Waiting breathlessly!>
  7. EVNotify is also setting trips as "charge". The owner told me briefly why but I did not follow it. EVNotify has not been updated in a long time. It is open source, and I was going to look at it, but I could never get it to build.
  8. The current version seems to have been fixed. Thanks! BTW, also thanks for the cool icon change around the battery SOC that tells whether you are receiving data from (in my case) EVNotify.
  9. I've seen that happen too on my Bolt with CarPlay.
  10. I use this one: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XGB4873
  11. I got a message back from EVNotify. Apparently Giuseppe is working hard on an update with lots of fixes, but in the meantime:
  12. The compass rose on Apple Maps is where you switch from north up to current direction up. I don't care so much about the compass itself, but I sure would like to be able to switch from North to Current direction. The good thing about adding something like switching orientation is that it can disappear except when someone touches the screen.
  13. Thanks for checking this Sofia. Just for curiosity, I tried today without running EVNotify at all and got no drive saved. Maybe I'll create another car profile without live data at all and try that. But in any case, I'll also check with the EVNotify folks.
  14. I think (maybe I misunderstand) that you recently used Open Street Maps, and I know how to report issues and propose changes to that. It appears that CarPlay recently started using MapBox. MapBox is actually much better and I like it--thanks. But I wonder if I can report issues or propose changes to MapBox. I've never seen any issues with the actual roads, but speed limits are sometime wrong. Thanks!
  15. Description: Using ABRP 4.0.44, but it has happened in earlier versions. Live data from EVNotify. Running on iOS and using CarPlay. I run EVNotify on the top and ABRP with CarPlay. I have "Save My Activity" enabled. No drive that I take is actually saved as a drive. I can see the routes I took on the map, but they are listed as "Charge Sessions". Clicking on the route does not give me anything (I think it did when I actually had a drive there) Type: Was this on the App. Yes, 4.0.44 Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). I don't think I can get a link, but you can look in my account today for drives to Townsend MA and back. Replication Steps: Fully detailed in description. Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
  16. No response here, but I think I'm seeing a but, so I'll report it in the bugs forum.
  17. @BarryH Autolock in the iPhone settings. Yes it would be nice to do that automatically in CarPlay or at least have it as an option. I believe that I tried the "Keep Display Active" on EVNotify before to no avail. Right now it is NOT set but it all still worked.
  18. I suppose I should also add that at least in this mode the "historical drives" all come out as charging sessions. The actual drive appears not to be there at all. This may related to "override car position". I'm not sure. I guess I should try it.
  19. How do you switch from "North Up" to "Travel Direction Up"? I feel as though I have done it at one point on CarPlay but I can't seem to do it again. Maybe on the same idea: If you touch the screen you get a map icon and a couple of position icons in the lower right. The map icon switches between map and satellite view. But what do the position icons do? They have no obvious effect!
  20. Today I started out on a short drive having set a destination (not really where I was going) to see how the latest version all worked. 2019 Bolt using CarPlay with an iPhone, getting live data from EVNotify. (See another note of how I got this to work on a single phone, but essentially ABRP is running on CarPlay but not in front on the iPhone. In any case, I started out and the position was not updating. I stopped and went into ABRP to switch to "override position" (i.e. use the phone position rather than getting it from live data). Weird things started happening. It appears that ABRP knew where I was. It showed the road where I was and gave correct directions. However, the marker showing where I was was not present. It turns out that it was at a different location. Every once in a while I would see it, way off the road, in the woods or something. When I came back home, I tried to repeat the problem, and could not. It worked fine.
  21. Just to close this off, in a different thread I reported that setting "auto-lock" to off and keeping EVNotify in front while using ABRP with CarPlay works and provides live data to ABRP.
  22. @BarryH I finally got a chance to try it a bit more today and indeed, running EVNotify in the front (i.e. showing on the screen), setting Auto-Lock to "Never" and then running ABRP only using CarPlay works fine without a second phone. Yay! Of course if you ever have to stop and change a setting in ABRP that is not on CarPlay, you may have to re-start/reinit EVNotify. I find that you also need to set "Override Car Position" in the car settings (two levels down) or else the tracking is really annoying. I'm not sure whether EVNotify is actually sending location data for my Bolt or not, but the location updates are very jumpy if I don't set override. (I'm not really sure why that would not be the default anyway..it seems likely to be quicker and more accurate even if you are getting live data).
  23. @BarryH I had done that. The problem really was that I had reset the token and ABRP and EVNotify got confused about each other. The folks at EVNotify reset the token and all is well. As I mentioned above, ABRP has improved that interface a lot just in the last version as well. Thanks! And BTW I was trying to find where someone (you?) asked me about using EVNotify on iPhone. I think this is going to work: If I run EVNotify and set the screen on the iPhone never to auto-lock and then run ABRP using CarPlay, then I believe EVNotify is going to stay "on top" and work ok. Of course that means that if I have to do something with ABRP that requires me to get to it on the phone rather than the CarPlay screen, I'll have to re-start EVNotify. But I can see that ABRP is improving rapidly, and I see that you/they said the goal was for everything to be available from CarPlay, so this should be solved. EVNotify said they were going to make another iPhone release "soon" which may improve that as well.
  24. This appears to have been greatly improved on the latest version. I'm not sure if I still have to ask EVNotify to reset the link when I disconnect, but this stuff above is separated into an "instructions" section which does not cover up other stuff. Thanks ABRP folks!
  25. Oh, jeez---that did not click as an email address for some reason. Thanks and sorry.
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