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  1. I suppose maybe my real complain is that it seems very hard to find settings and to access screens. I never know what the back arrow is going to bring me to, for instance. But what I wanted to ask is this: How do you access "My Drives"? I am running 4.0.40 on an iPhone Xr and the car is a Chevy Bolt. I have premium. I have set "Save My Activity" on (finally found it!). If, after a drive, I then hit the ABRP logo and select "My Drives" I see a calendar which seems to show the dates on which I took my drives (a dot beside the day). But if I select that day, either nothing happens or
  2. I had this happen to me and discovered that I was not allowing any networks other then Tesla in one place and not allowing Tesla in another place. You might be able to find my earlier post--I can't remember right now where I had which setting.
  3. Just to answer your very last question: I was never starting at a public charger. I think this happened at one point when I was leaving home, and my home charger, but AFAIK, ABRP does not know that I have a charger at home. Thanks for everything else. I'll update my app and follow the email instructions.
  4. You are probably getting tired of receiving my reports, so this will be short and there will probably be no more until and unless I get a good idea for making this work better or there is a new version. As I said, I hope I am being more helpful than annoying. First, I said above I would try pure Android. I was shocked to see that Android Auto does not work. (Yes, I see now elsewhere that it does not, and some of the issues relate to playing by Google's rules. I understand. Good luck!). But I do wonder how so many people have such good success without Auto. I could not tell how it w
  5. Ok, I got EVNotify working on my BLU phone. It was weird--it seems like there were different versions of EVNotify available in the store, or at least the search gave me EVNotify-V3 and EVNotify. I'm not sure if they actually gave different apps, but when I went to V3 it would not install. The other one did. After that it worked ok. So let's call this "Hybrid Mode". Clearly (from above) "pure iOS" is not terribly usable, so let me try a report with Hybrid (iOS for APRB/Android for EVNotify) mode: First about the battery level report from EVNotify: It seemed to work well until I
  6. @BarryH, what cheap Android phone did you get? The BLU that I ordered came today, and it can't seem to download EVNotify. <sigh>
  7. @BarryH Thanks. I've decided to try that myself. A BLU phone on order. There was one costing in the $30s but it did not say it had Bluetooth. Will try this $55 one and see. Thanks for the idea! I'll report back on how it works.
  8. Hi @BarryH, and thanks. I could have sworn that I put in my original account that I was using an iPhone. Sorry about that. But a couple of points/questions: 1) In fact, I did let EVNotify be "on top" of the phone. ABRP was running, and displaying via CarPlay, but not showing in front on the phone. Do you think that counts as EVNotify being in 'background' mode? In addition, as I think I mentioned, the OBD dongle was still flashing its bluetooth light, which is (I thought) supposed to be saying that data was being collected. Maybe there is a subtle difference.
  9. I just started a premium trial and in order to see whether I could expect to use APRB, I just took a short-ish (20 mile or so) trip. I quickly found a number of issues. It apparently did not save my drive so I can't give you exactly when and where some things happened, but I'll do my best to detail it. The drive started on Rt 130 in Hollis, NH near the border with Nashua NH and ended in Townsend MA. I drove along Rt 130 to Rt 13 South to Townsend. I was using CarPlay. Here are things I noted: 1) I first had a very long route set up (to Dayton OH) just to see what would happen.
  10. I too have not driven too much with Covid, and having just managed to get an OBD device that works with EVNotify, I've come back to see how well I can use ABRP. 1) My biggest issue is that there seem to be different things available in different modes, yet it is not always obvious what mode you are in or how to get there. For example, last night I was looking to ensure that I had a connection to EVNotify (on the app and the web). I could find nothing at all. Today I was fooling around with routes and suddenly I saw the EVNotify info. Perhaps this only shows when you have an active rou
  11. Agreed. I see no U shaped arrow. I generally put "home" as both start and endpoint with my destination as a waypoint. It works fine and is not difficult, but round trip would be a useful feature.
  12. THANK YOU! I never saw this, or at least "got it". I found the way to reject and prefer networks, and rejected Tesla, but of course with Tesla rejected and only Tesla allowed, nothing! Thanks again!
  13. Well that's a good question. It appears to me that I have to start EVNotify in front when I get in the car in order for it to connect. But then at the very least it is collecting data from the OBD2 dongle after it is not the front app--I can see the light flashing. I'm not 100% sure if it is sending it to the server. I did check to see that both EVNotify and APRB were set to be able to use cellular data though.
  14. Ok, for what it's worth at this late date, I found the EVNotify blog (or at least somewhere that the developer was posting) and it now appears to support collected OBD data via iOS. So I acquire this device (at the EVNotify devo's recommendation): https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XGB4873, Vgate iCar Pro. It took some tweaking around both to get EVNotify to see it and to hook ABRP into EVNotify (the issue with the latter seems to be "password" and "username" vs "Akey". I don't remember now just what I did, but it sort of seems to work. APRB does not seem to pull in data very often, bu
  15. Hi, Would you mind taking a look at this one too? Maybe I am just misunderstanding something. I was trying to figure out how to use ABRP and I'm having trouble getting it to point out chargers! Since I have a Chevy Bolt I have excluded the Tesla network (in fact I'm surprised that APRB does not know which charger types work with which cars but anyway...) I have explcitly allowed EVgo. I know there is an EVgo charging station in Bedford, NH USA. I explicitly told it to start with a 70% charge from Hollis, NH and go to Plymouth NH and back thinking it would tell me to stop in one direc
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