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  1. Hi, I think I found the reason for the remaining problem with SOH. Although the ABRP setup instruction ask for downloading the Niro files for the Soul from JejuSoul's Github site, I picked the Soul files. Unfortunately, there seems to be an error in the ABRP_Kia_Soul_EV_64kWh_PIDs.csv file. For my e-Soul, the relevant line reads !_ABRP_Max Deterioration,SOH,,val{000_State of Health},0,100,%, while for the Niro, it reads !_ABRP_Max Deterioration,SOH,,val{000_Maximum Deterioration},0,100,%, So, for the Soul, ABRP just gets opposite of Deterioration, namely the SOH. However, there is no 000_Maximum Deterioration PID in the Soul file set nor in the Niro file set. I'll try to investigate and remove this PID from logging for now.
  2. Hi again, Meanwhile this issue is partially solved. I did not change anything, but after a trip most data is displayed in Live View, just SOH is still missing.
  3. Hi, Yes, both versions are connected. On the PC, click on the arrow in the top-left corner, then click Show Settings, then Show More Settings, then scroll down to the bottom and finally click on ABRB Login. Regards Frank
  4. Hi, I'm quite new to ABRP, and I'm about to set up live data transmission on Android, Torque Pro, for a Kia e-Soul 64 kWh. I'll be on a longer trip tomorrow and would like to share the data with you guys. All the setup in Torque is done (except for the Battery Temperature PID that is missing from the ABRP PID file), and Torque reads all the data from the car without problems. However, when I check Live Data on the ABRP website, I only see data for Speed and Model. At the top of the window, there is a red bar saying "Missing telemetry: soc, is_charging". See the screenshots for details. What can I do? Regards Frank

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