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  1. Andy

    Waypoint SOC arrive

    here is the link: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=f8d3f965-f5fe-4070-9908-0d7f01b5cb26
  2. Andy

    Waypoint SOC arrive

    Here you go: and Piacenza and Forte dei marmi are set to charge for 40min:
  3. Andy

    Waypoint SOC arrive

    Question how is the Time input under Charging Options understood. When I enter 00:30 for my understanding this means that I like to charge for 30min. However in my planing it charges only for 24min. i tried to change the "Time to open charge port" but nothing changed...
  4. Andy

    Waypoint SOC arrive

    When the option arrive SOC at Waypoint is set like in the attached picture ABRP does not include that into planing the route.

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