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  1. Description: Can’t scroll down past fourth trip plan in app. Type: App version 4.0.30 on iPhone 6s with iOS 14.2 Replication Steps: Open app > click Saved Try to scroll down past visible trips. App returns you to the top of the list each time so you can’t select a trip now currently in view. This bug is not present on version 4.0.29 on either iPhone or iPad
  2. Description: Unable to enter temperature in Fahrenheit on app even though units are set to Imperial Type: On iOS app versions 4.0.30 on iPhone and also on iPad version 4.0.29 Replication Steps: Click “Settings” > Road conditions Select Temperature. Earlier versions of the app allowed you to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit. The current version only allows input in Celsius. Fishers in the US would prefer Fahrenheit please.
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