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  1. Description: Offer grid layers backed by MapKit for Apple devices and Google for Android devices, so the mobile app matches the web tool used for planning on a computer. Use Case: When switching between the web version of ABRP and a mobile app, maps don't match up. This can cause problems trying to understand a route created on a computer and then moved over to the mobile device traveling. In particular, basemap providers like GoogleMutant and MapkitMutant could offer ways to switch over to a provider that'll better suit travelers. This could also be solved for Mac-iOS purposes, by making a Mac ABRP app that's scaled up from the iPad version. (PS: I don't think a good solution is to use a single third-party map layer, since it won't compare once a route is sent to a native app.)
  2. I tested against iOS first, but also checked the Android app. Here are my steps to reproduce: Launch ABRP app Go to ABRP icon, log in Go to Settings Select your car At that point, the app crashes or displays a white screen, and the crashed thread mentions something about Thread name: Dispatch queue: com.facebook.react.ExceptionsManagerQueue Unfortunately, the app can't be used again without uninstalling and reinstalling it, because it'll always try to reload the car info. When I check this same flow in a desktop browser, I get the following error: Animated: `useNativeDriver` is not supported because the native animated module is missing. Falling back to JS-based animation. To resolve this, add `RCTAnimation` module to this app, or remove `useNativeDriver`. More info: https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/11094#issuecomment-263240420
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