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  1. anonymess


    I do think ABRP needs a tutorial video or walkthrough. It is quite complex, and the user interface can really put people off. I've recommended ABRP to a number of new potential users, all of whom have given up almost immediately. While it may be fine for experts (and easier for those who started with the simpler "classic" ABRP interface), not all beginners find it straightforward.
  2. Many Model 3 Long Range owners are removing the Aero wheel cap but keeping the original 18" wheels underneath - indeed Tesla sells a wheel nut cover kit for that purpose. Would it be possible for ABRP to have an additional vehicle type- Tesla Model 3 LR AWD 18" no aero? Apparently it makes 5-10% (adverse) difference to range, so it would be useful to have this factored into our planning. Thanks
  3. anonymess

    Time zone bug

    This is a persistent error. Today I planned a route from the UK to Germany, and set a departure time for a stopover in calais to 09:30. When the map was displayed, the app had changed that time to 10:30. Can this bug be investigated please?
  4. Very good points. I would add that for a paid service, ABRP also needs to have: - 24-hour service monitoring so that users, in whatever timezone, can be sure that the administrators are on the case before we have to tell them - a status page, hosted separately so it doesn't break when ABRP does, which shows up-to-date and meaningful service information including announcements of failures and estimated fix times - and given the nature of ABRP, all the above applies to its various backend feeds, ie if any of those fail we should see that in the service status too. So many online s
  5. anonymess

    Time zone bug

    I am in the UK. When I plan a route from somewhere in France to elsewhere in France and enter a start time, that time is shifted by an hour. For example: Journey starting in Calais, going to St Omer. Start time set as 0930. Plan is generated with start time of 1030. It is as though ABRP is interpreting the start time as my current local time, which it should not be. Times should (as they are in, eg, airline timetables) be local to the place of departure not the place where the user is currently sitting. I am sure I haven't seen this erroneous behaviour before.
  6. 1. Safari (MacOS) would not autocomplete any destinations or let me enter anything other than the ones I had previously used. Checked that ad blockers are off for this site - they are. 2. Tried ABRP website on Chrome. Could not log in with my existing password. "Wrong email or password." 3. Did a password reset from the ABRP website. Received the correctly-address email with my account name correct also. Clicked on Reset my password and entered new password. "Change password failed." message with no further explanation. Tried simpler and mor
  7. Thank you for producing an app: it will be very helpful. For long road trips however the app seems to lack the ability to edit settings on a waypoint (eg departure time, charge rate, duration of stop). Have I missed something -- or is this in the queue for future implementation?

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