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  1. I'm trying to figure out if I can get real-time TLM for my I-Pace via Torque and an OBDII reader or other method. I don't see support for it. It seems some peeps have had a bit of success getting an API to connect to the I-Pace. I'm willing to help -- I just need pointing in the right direction. My goal is to see if my actual trip I'm driving is following the plan I got from the app in real-time.
  2. Description: Instability on Pixel 3a running Android 10? Type: App 4.0.11 Is there a known instability problem on a Pixel 3a running Android 10? The screen seems to flicker and there is a huge lag between selecting a "button" and the app's response.
  3. I use 400Wh/mi in my I-Pace at 65 MPH on more or less level roads. I do have the 22" wheels and that seems to cost me ~10%
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