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  1. I understood why it happen. If I'm approaching the destination and a stop, for example, at red traffic light, after more or less 3 seconds the navigation reset the plan. But, if I reach the destination and I don't stop, the navigation stay active and start the replanning immediatly to try to go back to the destination point. This is why it happen more or less when I reach my working site (I have a cross with traffic light near it and usually I take red) and never when I reach home. But I think you should find a better way to manage the destination reach, like other nav system. If you look Waze, it stop navigation when you reach the destination point, no matter if you stop at it or not. Stopping the navigation early as you do can create problems, because I lost all the information. If I'm searching my destination because I don't know the area, stopping somewhere close everything making me blind... The same when I reach it and I don't stop at it. Replanning is frustrating and not needed (I reach it, so now I know where it should be, and if I need a replan I can do by myself). Hope this help Thanks Luca
  2. Yesterday I was driving and the planner show me two possible path. One trough the city, and one around. The second was longer but faster and I want to follow this second solution. If I choose before starting navigation the app, after the selection, show no path and looks likes as I was not planning anything. So I choose the first one (that works), request alternatives, and choose the second. In this way the app crash completely. Is the second time this happens, with different routes. The only solution is to drive following the first route, that goes off path on the alternative, but this is a issue, because I can do that when I know the place and the possibile alternatives, but it is not helpful on a long trip when I don't know the area around me. Luca
  3. After the last update I have a strange issue that happen only sometimes. While I'm approaching the destination the navigation stops and the whole navigation information are deleted (I mean start, destination, path). The route disappear from the screen, like nothing is planned. This is confusing because I have not yet reached the destination, and I lost all the navigation information while I'm approacing it. It doesn't happens anytime. For example happens every tome when I was driving to "work" destination. If I was driving to home instead it doesn't happens, when I reach the destination it doesn't stop (annoying either because other nav system stops navigation when you reach the destination while ABRP not and start searching a re-route also if you are at destination). Luca
  4. I open a new thread for this specific Bug that is very annoying. My setup is Nissan Leaf + LeafSpy + iPhone 12 + CarPlay. Latest version of ABRP app with Pro subscription. During navigation the CarPlay map jump away. Sometimes don't happen but sometimes happen every few minutes and using the app with this issue is terrible. Longer the trip, worst the behavior. My last 170Km trip was very frustrating. While the CarPlay map jump away, the map on the phone don't do that (I check both the same time). Attached a video that show the issue taken by my daughter while I was driving... This is a part of a longer video where it happen two times in a minute. Hope this help to fix the issue. Luca ABRP.mp4
  5. Thanks Samuel, I found out and I try to fix it. But I have more questions: 1) I think this strings is concatenated with "direction_count_X", and this is fine. So I should change direction count to "female" because in Italian "exit" is a "female" word. But what about vocal direction? What I heard is a correct female word (so, for example, "prima" instead of "primo") but I don't find "female" ordinal number into the translation file. Where this is taken from? 2) As I ask on github, there is an issue with ordinal numbers. In English ordinal number over Third have a standard form, where you add "th" at the end of the natural number form. But in Italian is different and this solution can't be used nor translated. Can you add more translation for ordinal number? I think up to tenth will be enough fo any use. Thanks Luca
  6. I'm fixing Italian translation on git-hub. Look at the attached image. The translation in the blue box is wrong and I can't find it in the Italian translation file. "Primo esci" look likes an automatic literal translation of "first exit". But it should be something like "prima uscita". Why this is not in the translation file? Thanks Luca
  7. Description: With this plan (see image) the planner choose a route impossibile to do, while a simplest way is avaiable. The planner path is impossibile to follow and not allowed at all, requiring an impossibile u-turn Type: App and web Link to Plan: Look coordinates in the image to reproduce the issue Replication Steps: Just fit the begin and end coordinates Plan
  8. Here a photo that show the issue. After more or less 5km the map go back in the correct position. Seem it happens when I make few turn one near the other. My phone tooks two screenshot in the same moment, the one from CarPlay and the one from the phone screen. So you can see the differences. Regards Luca
  9. Hi Katya, no, they are two different topic. The first one: only Carplay map show the "jump" beaviour. And when Carplay jump the map on the phone keep its correct position. The second one: usually, while I use carplay for the map, I keep the consuption graph on the phone. While I was trying to understand the map "jump" issue, I start keeping the maps on both Carplay and phone. In this case, after a while, the map on the phone lost the correct map rotation (while keep the correct position) and the car pointer start to point in direction different from the driving one (it looks like it was not able to correctly follow the direction changes of the car). I'll post a screen shot later. Regards Luca
  10. I made a video, I'll share asap. But I have a more detailed description. In my case only the CarPlay maps jump, while the map on the phone act correctly. But, again, if I use carplay, the orientation of carplay map is in the moving direction (as expected and except for the turns, as I already explain) but the orientation on the phone became strange and completely random. Regards Luca
  11. I give a look to the translation file and I see I can find also the voice messages into it. I think I also see where I can improve it. But I have a question. Is possible to test it before submitting to you? I have no way to check when a voice message is used, so testing it can help translating in the best way. Regards Luca
  12. 1) Thanks, I'll wait new version 2) I'll try to record it to show to you asap 3) I know there is at least one guy working on Italian translation. I'll take a look at it also. But I'm talking about voice messages, not text. And I think you should work on different syntax in different languages if you don't already do that. I think the speaked sentences are builded putting together different partial sentences following syntax rules. But English syntax is different from Italian syntax and look like you are using English one with Italian words. And the result is a bit weird. Thanks a lot Luca
  13. Are you speaking about point 1 or 2? Thanks Luca
  14. After a few use of ABRP for some long trips I choose to buy the PRO version to use wit CarPlay and with all the feature. I use and iPhone 12 with LeafSpy (Nissan Leaf) and CarPlay. The GPS is taken from the phone, LeafSpy send data every 30 seconds. I see few strange problems. 1) It looks like the map center is not the car position, but a position in the "future" based on expected route and car speed. When I'm on high speed route the car pointer move near the bottom of the screen (this morning was so near the bottom that is in line to the mapbox word) and when I was near the turn the screen rotate before I take the turn (and so the car pointer does it). In my opinion this last beaviour is wrong (and different from the other navigator I use) and in complicated cross make very difficult to understand where I should drive. Attached an image on what happened yesterday at a cross. This is on both phone screen and carplay screen. 2) The map jumps from car location to next turn and back during navigation and I don't understand why. I don't think is a GPS glitch because it look likes it jumps to the next turn, not to a casual point on the map. 3) Italian voice translation (not the app translation that is fine) is wrong. It look likes it uses english sentences translated word by word in Italian. But sentences construction is different and some terms are wrongly translated. At the roundabouts the sentences are very strange. It use "in" instead of "tra" to say how many meters the next turn is far, sometimes it say right instead of left (but I'm not yet able to detect when this happen for sure). Thanks Luca
  15. The same with LeafSpy and the application. Live data works on web version, but if I select it on app I it read always 90% of SOC. Luca
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