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  1. Charging Curve Data Extracted from the great Alex on Autos review of charging for TFLcars back in September. He charged from 1% to 100%. Usable Pack Energy: 83.7kwh ChgEff 95% Current examples are stepped at rates, not linear. KW Rate SoC kwh Time Elapsed 270 0-30% 26.43 0:05:52 0:05:52 200 30-37% 6.17 0:01:51 0:07:43 150 37-76% 34.36 0:13:45 0:21:28 120 76-80% 3.52 0:01:46 0:23:14 50 80-96% 14.10 0:16:55 0:40:09 20 96-100% 3.52 0:10:34 0:50:43 If this can get updated on ABRP I think that it would be very useful. Ron B - San Jose
  2. Please do leave the option in. I have had a Bolt EV for 2 years and am familiar with DCFC charging. I have a deposit on a 4S and will probably get HPC but really with the rollout of Electrify America and their Chargers being so much more dense than any other vendor in the USA I would always prefer ending up at EA charger. In which case I would not need the added weight of the larger dc-to-dc converter. Also it's true that 90% of your charging will be done with 240vac anyway for most folks. Only road trips need DCFC generally. I have 240V charging at my workplace and seldom if ever need to even charge at home.
  3. RonB

    Planner server error

    Well worked for a day and now get Planner Server Error again solid on 3.9.1, logging out didn't help nor changing vehicle type.
  4. I also see this problem on Android ABRP 3.9.1
  5. RonB

    Planner server error

    Well I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version and all seems good again. I was able to login and plan routs all ok.
  6. RonB

    Planner server error

    I just updated to 3.9.1 today with same problem. Android. Also reselected car model with no improvement. Abrp account was just created yesterday as well.

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