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  1. Description: If I add both Tesla and non Tesla CCS to the Map, all Tesla CCS Charger disappeared Type: iPad App and Web App (31.12.2020) Link to Plan: no route plan needed Replication Steps: Set Fast Charger to Tesla CCS, you will see all Tesla CCS Charger Add non Tesla CCS in the Fast Charger Settings go back to the map and you see no Tesla CCS but a lot of non Tesla CCS now you can zoom in or a known Tesla CSS, the Tesla Charge comes back to the map (city street level?) if you zoom out Tesla CCS disappear again if I pl
  2. Description: Can't change the parameters on the SC with planned route with IPad app Type: IPad App V 4.0.24 Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com?plan_uuid=63620005-a6ac-4d5d-8837-9b07d178e543 Replication Steps: Replication : I try to change some values on the SC like time to charge or take a long break, I only get the window with the route information (SOC left...) When I tap on a SC location off the route, the window for the SC opens and I can change the values. The same steps with the web version of ABRP lead to success. The next problem is that every
  3. Description #1: The minimum charging time should be adjustable to avoid charging times less than 10 minutes. Use case: When manually adding a SC to avoid a speed limit (e.g. 120kmh), charging times of 1 minute were calculated. Supercharging is not a pit stop at Formula 1 😉 Description #2: With the option "Long pause" a target SOC e.g. 80% should be adjustable. Use case: "Long break" charge up to 100% SOC. If a target value were set here, the pause time could be calculated more precisely. It could also help, if a distance is to be driven in the shortest time. You set the SOC at whic
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