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  1. Description: Can't change the parameters on the SC with planned route with IPad app Type: IPad App V 4.0.24 Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com?plan_uuid=63620005-a6ac-4d5d-8837-9b07d178e543 Replication Steps: Replication : I try to change some values on the SC like time to charge or take a long break, I only get the window with the route information (SOC left...) When I tap on a SC location off the route, the window for the SC opens and I can change the values. The same steps with the web version of ABRP lead to success. The next problem is that every
  2. Description #1: The minimum charging time should be adjustable to avoid charging times less than 10 minutes. Use case: When manually adding a SC to avoid a speed limit (e.g. 120kmh), charging times of 1 minute were calculated. Supercharging is not a pit stop at Formula 1 😉 Description #2: With the option "Long pause" a target SOC e.g. 80% should be adjustable. Use case: "Long break" charge up to 100% SOC. If a target value were set here, the pause time could be calculated more precisely. It could also help, if a distance is to be driven in the shortest time. You set the SOC at whic
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