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  1. what i see is that if you already added a car, the "add my car" option is not available anymore. As a sidenote: i tried to delete my car, but that didn't work. If i choose delete, nothing happens.
  2. Hi Mack, As for Torque, as said earlier in this thread, it doesn't matter what values you choose. Grtz, John
  3. JoBru

    Connecting Torque

    It's for the Kona 64kWh. Longname is !_ABRP_Fast_Charging rest is the same. Grtz, John
  4. JoBru

    Connecting Torque

    Thanks @Jason (ABRP). That helped a lot! At the moment it is working like a charm. Only value in live data I don't understand is "charging", because it always has the value "yes". Grtz, John
  5. Thx @XavDoug. Will make a profile then.
  6. More oriented? Only oriented! ?
  7. Well, think I found the web server settings in Torque.? Now going to try to get the pid list into Torque. Btw: how important is the setup of a profile in Torque? Grtz, John
  8. Where are you from? Zelhem, The Netherlands What car do you drive? From Jan 2nd 2020: Hyundai Kona, Premium, Chalk White Hoping to make good use from ABRP. Already love what I'm seeing! Hope to get live data working with Torque Pro and the OBDlink lx dongle. Grtz, John
  9. I am looking for some clear instructions on how to setup Torque Pro in combination with ABRP. For instance: is the web server you're referring to something to setup in Torque? Newbie here getting his Kona this Thursday ? Grtz, John
  10. JoBru

    Connecting Torque

    Don't use one right now but am planning to get an OBDLink lx. Have read and viewed some good reviews about it. Grtz, John
  11. JoBru

    Connecting Torque

    Hi Jason, Link to generic instructions is dead. Can I find them somewhere else? Grtz, John
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