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  1. Hi, I have the same trouble here. it makes a turn around on the highway to go back on the same charger but on the other side of the road... I don't understand why ? Jean-Luc
  2. Hi Herman, To talk with our e-tron cars, ABPR needs to access informations of the car like myAudi app do. It is important that ABPR knows the real percentage of battery during your travel. In a previous post, I have read that the developper of ABPR will be happy to have access to those informations. The API is the way to access it. And Sven have found it. So he has shared the API documentation here :) I use abetterroute planner to pan my route, but then I share it with Waze that I use in the car (via AppleCar Play) Works fine for me. The app ABPR is not yet avaible in AppleCar Play. I guess it will possible in a next version ?
  3. Hello, I have the e-tron since September and already drived 9000 kms. I’m surprised that the post of Sven has no answer yet, it seems very exciting that Audi has an API ! So we can connect our Audi to ABRP ! The consumption for me is higher than the suggested. At this moment I think I’m around 30 kWh / 100 Kms, even 32 at around 7° What is the temperature for the parameters consumption ? 20 ° ? Bo, can you tell us if you can manage the Audi API ? It should be possible since MyAudi can fetch the % of battery and kms avaible Jean Luc
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