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  1. Did you get the EVNotipi WITH the GPS antenna? Otherwise EVNotipi cannot know the location of the car. It really boils down to what EVNotipi is reporting to the ABRP servers. When someone else drives your car (or rather: has driven), can you see their trips in the EVNotify trip log, for example via web.evnotify.de ? Please note that it takes a few minutes after the end of a trip until it gets reported in the EVNotify log. I think your question is not so much related to ABRP as it is to EVNotify / EVNotipi. You may get better answers in the goingelectric forum in the corresponding EVN
  2. @Bo (ABRP) Yes, exactly. I have the phone on Android Auto and use Google Maps on the car infotainment display (Hyundai Ioniq Electric). And I run ABRP on the phone itself. I send the next destination to Google Maps (this works brilliantly now) and then follow the Maps navigation while at the same time watching the charge chart in ABRP. (SOC data is supplied through EVNotify.) I figured this may have to do with day/night changes but what's strange is that after the restart ABRP is still using a bright background, so it seems it does not honor the change to night layout?
  3. @Bo (ABRP) It's looking good. Today, I drove a stretch of road with a tunnel where it used to crash and this time it did not. It just looked like it reloaded when it lost GPS but then restarted and recalculated after the tunnel when GPS came back. Much better! Side note though: when it reloads / recalculates, it also shifts the consumption chart area down again. I often swipe the chart area up a little to keep the full chart visible. Per default, the chart is a little bit too far down and its lower 20% or so are not visible.
  4. This was on Android 10 on a OnePlus 7. (OxygenOS 10.3.3.GM57AA) I resorted to the Web version which at least did not close, but showed a few times a "there's no working plan" message. I really think the GPS sometimes puts me into a weird position when it has no reception - because I have seen it put me into a different valley or somewhere completely off (Norway, all of a sudden...) - which then causes a number of issues. It recovers after a minute or so, but by then ABRP has stopped, or displayed error messages etc. Sorry to not being able to pinpoint this more precisely.
  5. Description: when driving in live mode ABRP closes whenever I drive into a tunnel Type: App 4.0.12 Link to Plan: Replication Steps: Planned a route from Vienna to St. Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee Drove Between Traunsee and Wolfgangsee there are a lot of short tunnels in the road. When I entered a tunnel, ABRP closed. Maybe that's because I might have lost GPS data. I was unable to start ABRP again. It immediately closed again. Took about 10 minutes or so until I could start ABRP again. Next tunnel: bang, it closed again.
  6. Chargeprice.net offers an APP and an API to retrieve charging costs. User sets up which MSP charging cards they have, and chargeprice.net tells them how much they will need to pay at a charge point if they want to charge from x% to y%. They can then pick the cheapest charge card for the charge. ABRP should use that information to determine how much each charging stop would cost (given the cards the user owns, it can find the cheapest option for each stop). Next, if there are different routes available, ARBP can optimise for cost, not only for travel time.
  7. maexxx

    Printing route ?

    Ah, good suggestion. This is helpful, thanks. Max
  8. maexxx

    Printing route ?

    I would also appreciate an easy way to print out a planned route. Possibly share the route to an external app which can format and print it? I definitely want to see the time information in the printout though -- planned time for driving as well as charging stops. Thanks!

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