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  1. You can switch to the route overview now on the AA screen using the { 3D / compass / north / destination / route overview } button. Each tap on the button will change the view (round-robin).
  2. Description: When I am driving up to a turn, about 1000m away the indication will show "keep straight", and a few hundred meters before the turn it will change to indicate the actual turn. This is very confusing, and it's different from how e.g. Google Maps works. I expect already 1000m away to show that I will be approaching a turn (instead of going straight) because I may need to switch lanes etc. I cannot be expected to keep looking at the indication several times to see if it changes just before the turn. Type: App 4.0.48 Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication Steps: Drive along a route, and watch the indications for the next turn Indication will show that I should keep going straight in several hundred meters As I approach that crossing at about 300m distance, the indication changes to a turn This happened to me on several trips and on a lot of different crossings in the past days. It's annoying!
  3. It's getting better and better; really like the 3D vector maps that are now possible. Still no drag and zoom of the map (e.g. to find a suitable charger to go to), but I understood that Google will be making that available for 3rd party Android Auto apps. I still see one issue that was also in the previous version: Once I have started ABRP, I can toggle between a music app (Youtube Music for example) and ABRP by just tapping on the bottom of the screen. Now if I choose to switch to Google Maps for my navigation, and tap on the bottom to switch to the music player, the bottom tap choice still lists ABRP to go back to. If I want to get back to my Google Maps navigation, I have to hit the launcher dot and select Google Maps again. I don't think that is right. Once I have chosen a different navigation app, ABRP should not be the choice to switch back to anymore. The only way I found to get rid of the ABRP choice on the bottom bar is to restart my phone, because one started, ABRP will insist on staying the nav app of choice. When I do it the other way round, for example with Google Maps or Waze, those apps always release their "lock" and whichever nav app I used last will be the one to go back via bottom tap from the music player. It's only ABRP which stays locked there. Can you change this behaviour?
  4. Yes, I realise I can work around this, but if my plan also includes an AC charging stop then it doesn't charge to 100% there. Or if I switch the car (to compare how a route will work for different cars). I really think the model for the Ioniq 28kWh should include a rule that only allows up to 94% on CCS (DC) charging stops.
  5. When I plan a route for my Ioniq VFL (28 KWh battery), ABRP sometimes plans a charge up to 95% or higher. But that is not possible. The Ioniq VFL will stop CCS charging at a maximum of 94% charge. Higher levels are only possible with AC charging (but that's also limited to 1 phase charging). So therefore, planning a fast on-route charge at a CCS stop to more that 94% is wrong.
  6. OK, I turned the setting on and did a few drives. GPS position has been flawlessly so far. So I really think something in the code of ABRP messes up the location with this combination: Setting "override with phone location" is OFF EVNotify sends car data to ABRP servers Phone is plugged in to Android Auto I think if you're on AA, then position should always be either the GPS from the headunit (best, if that's made available from AA), or the phone that's connected to AA. I suspect that under certain conditions it currently uses a different source, and that messes up things.
  7. OK, I get that the API doesn't allow you much choice, and I also understand about power saving settings in Android which can kill location info for apps in the background or when screen is off. I still don't understand what ABRP does different on AA if I toggle the "use phone location" setting on or off. Does it pass that to an API call? Does it use different API calls? Does it handle things differently internally? Yes I get that. You are right, I'll try comparing it to another 3rd party app next time. It's a sad fact that Google places lots of restrictions on 3rd party apps while their own apps do many of those forbidden things. In Google Maps I can scroll and zoom the map; they can show many more settings and information, they can use vector maps etc. -- I absolutely feel for you. I am not blaming ABRP for the lack of this functionality (I read the AA developer API docs), and I really hope constant feedback to Google will get them to open up some of these restrictions. For example, it is stupid that I cannot tap on a charger nearby on the map and select "go there" (or scroll around and zoom to find a charger). Instead, due to Google restrictions, I have to go to a different app to find charging stations nearby and then select there that I want to navigate to it etc. They claim they want to prevent driver distraction, but actually their rules make it harder for the driver to achieve what the driver wants, and require many more taps. I'll stop ranting now, but feel free to pass my comment on to Google.
  8. OK, but what's the difference then in switching the "overwrite car position" toggle on and off in the car configuration in ABRP? This phone would be the only one used anyway while running ABRP on AA.
  9. How do your location sources actually work? I am driving a Hyundai Ioniq (2018) and use EVNotify to connect live data. When ABRP is plugged into Android Auto, I think you have a total of three sources for location: phone GPS (of the phone that runs ABRP) car data through Android Auto (I guess you can get the car location directly from the head unit) location data from EVNotify (which boils down to GPS of my EVNotify transmitter phone) Can you elaborate which of the sources you use under which conditions? I was assuming that if ABRP is running on Android Auto, you'd always use the head unit location as this would be the most accurate.
  10. My biggest issue with ABRP on AA (beta) at the moment is that the position of the car often jumps to a place quite far away from the road, sometimes it even stays there for a few minutes until it is put back on the route. Maybe this happens when it looses GPS, I don't know. But Google Maps does not show this behaviour. If ABRP places me to a wrong position, if I then open Google Maps it has the correct location. So there must be something different how ABRP calculate the position and how Google Maps does it. Can it retrieve the location from the car through Android Auto, or does it use the phone GPS location? Because of the frequent hops and jumps, ABRP sometimes thinks I have turned around and am going in the other direction, then a few seconds later puts me back on the correct track... it is really weird.
  11. I think it just uses whatever settings you chose in the normal (non-AA) ABRP. So configure to your heart's desire, then connect the phone to AA and it will use those settings.
  12. Is there a way to see a route overview once you've started driving / navigating? At the moment it seems I can just choose the compass mode but cannot go back to see a route overview.
  13. I noticed today - navigating on Android Auto for the first time - that when coming home towards my garage entrance, the direction instructions first tell me to turn left from the street (but there is not really a crossing, it's just the garage entrance), followed by you have reached the destination in 10 meters. Compared to Google Maps, which just tells me that "Your destination is on the left". I'd suggest that when the destination is less than x meters from a final turn, then replace the turn and the destination with just one instruction that says "your destination is (straight ahead | on the left | on the right)".
  14. maexxx

    Android Auto

    This is so awesome!! ABRP on Hyundai Ioniq Electric -- worked pretty well out of the box.
  15. maexxx

    Android Auto

    This morning the latest ABRP for Android displayed "Android Auto connected" on the driving screen as I was driving. I could not find it within the Android Auto apps on my car display, though -- the message only showed up on the phone display. Is this supposed to work yet? How?
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