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  1. According to another thread I found, Tesla uses Valhalla to get this data, which is based on OSM's table here: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_tags_for_routing/Maxspeed#United_States_of_America. However, that table isn't complete, either by state or by road type. https://github.com/valhalla/valhalla-docs/blob/master/speeds.md has more info on how they estimate when data is missing, but the most interesting piece is this in addition to road type: Also, the OSM page links to this on Wikipedia which gives the rules (sadly non-uniform) by state: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sp
  2. Since ABRP already supports charging at a waypoint (given power and time), it seems like this could be implemented by getting a few "phantom drain" approximations and modeling it as negative charging at a stop. Definitely useful, especially if the car will be sitting out in the heat (keeping battery warm) or cold (cabin overheat protection) or with Sentry Mode.
  3. I'll second this -- particularly in cases where ABRP isn't routing the way that Google says is fastest, I'd like to be able to drag to a different route and compare. I do this currently by manually adding waypoints, but these aren't necessarily places I intend to stop, just ways to force a particular route.
  4. On the whole, I think your second table is probably more accurate, especially for rural areas. I just spent far too long trying to figure out why ABRP was routing me the way it was, and eventually concluded that a state highway along the way was being assumed to be 35 when it's actually 50-55 except when passing through the one town on that segment. As a result, ABRP either sent me a totally different route (along a path that has at least some speed limits provided) or had me go further up the interstate and then take a US highway back rather than drive on the state highway. Honestly, I
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