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  1. This would be a way. But just a thing for nerds. ABRP is a tool for everyone. So it would be easy for people to print a PDF oder Export the Jpeg to there Phone. Booking.com does this perfectly. There i can have the reservation as PDF and Jpeg. Directly out of the App oder Website.
  2. This works only for routes which are short enough. If i drive from south germany to the nordkap than its to long.
  3. Description: Export Timetable as JPEG or PDF Use Case: I want to share my ride. So others can see it. Or save it for me. In the photo libary oder in Dropbox. For short planning it is ok to use pc screen capture. But for longer there is no good way.
  4. Description: e-Niro wants to use a Supercharger Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=688b11f1-fd70-4824-92a2-a31fa958fcdd Replication Steps: Testet on PC and mobile. also different users. normal use of abrp. If applicable

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