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  1. Hi, Why is not the STANDARD range Tesla Model 3 (the smallest) proposed within the application ? Thks for your return.
  2. Hello, Just finding the Abrp application, and starting using it for my Tesla model 3 in France. I would like try the live data, but don't want use my own Tesla userid. How can I request for a token ? Thanks for your help. Best regards. Éric GUEGUEN

    Map disappears...

    Hello, I'm a newcomer (from France) on ABRP. Just received my new Tesla Model 3, and I find this ABRP site very nice...thanks. I've just got a small issue (not too familiar with it, sorry for this probably basic one...). Actually, everything was correct at the beginning, but since 2 days, the background map (towns, roads) has completely disappeared. I can only see the path (see image attched). Please could you help, thanks. Best regards.
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