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  1. The maps we use for routing in ABRP are still semi-static, updated weekly. We could update more frequently, or we could go to dynamic data including temporary closures and even traffic. However, we are not there yet.
  2. We do not store tokens on your account or any server (except temporarily in RAM if you enable background sharing) for security reasons. The token is only stored in your browser. By clicking "Log out" from the MyTesla menu in ABRP, your token gets deleted.
  3. Sorry, the Tesla-browser-double-click-bug-workaround was not enabled for that particular button. Now it should work!
  4. Thank you, this has now been corrected.
  5. Fixed! https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=87933d0f-af10-4380-98b4-a10b624f9bbf
  6. Seems like this is due to OSRM (the waypoint-to-waypoint routing machine we use) not handling access:conditional tags from OSM. There is a ticket for it but seems like no progress so far: https://github.com/Project-OSRM/osrm-backend/issues/4231 Let use see if we can fix it through an OSRM profile.
  7. Turns out that the avoided road segments are marked with a "proposed" tag in OSM. I am now re-cooking the Europe map while ignoring "proposed" tags, let us see how that works! Edit: The OSM comment on the eastbound tunnel indicates that it was under construction in 2015. Is it finished now or is the road still using a single tunnel?
  8. ABRP 3.5.2 - Better Driving Mode and Offline Web App - And Faster Planning Today we have released ABRP 3.5.2 with major planning speed improvements, especially for new not-recently-searched routes. Even the rather slow (in many aspects) Renault Zoe plans reasonably fast for shorter routes. ABRP 3.5.1 came with a lot of improvements, as usual. Major focus of this release is to improve the experience in driving mode and offline/limited connectivity support The mission of A Better Routeplanner is about meeting two needs Planning, preparing, estimating the time, and generally dreaming of future trips, at home or on the road in your favorite browser Driving and getting feedback on how it goes, how your compare to the plan, ensuring that you will safely make it to the next charger - or replan if needed The ABRP driving mode addresses the second point above by providing real-time status based on your position compared to the plan, with optional car real-time car status based on optional MyTesla login (for Tesla owners) or OBD data (for some EVs). Web App with Offline Support ABRP is now supporting Chrome's and Safari's ability to allow a web app to work offline (a.k.a "PWA" - progressive web app). This means that ABRP will continue to display your latest plan and map even offline and even if you do not use it for a while. In Android and Chrome, you will be asked to "Add ABRP to the home screen", which means it will appear like any app in your app drawer. The same thing can be done by adding it to your home screen in Safari. This also means that ABRP works in full screen! The offline support does not include planning new routes, though, as this requires help from our servers! Let us know if there is more offline functionality you would like to have. Map-less Mode In ABRP 3.5 we introduce map-less full screen mode for those of us who know the way anyway, or use a second navigation system such as Waze in parallel to ABRP. The map-less driving mode is also lighter on the browser, which makes it more enjoyable in e.g. the Tesla browser. You can switch back and forth between the normal map mode and map-less any time you want by clicking the map icon: You can also click the "frame" button on top of the driving display while driving: Have fun planning and driving! Give us your feedback on the ABRP forums or on Twitter @Routebetter!
  9. It took far too long, but now we have the 120 Ah models in ABRP too.
  10. Yes, we could definitively do this - all technical functionality is there. I'll add it to our TODO feature list!
  11. If you click the small settings icon next to the starting point input field, you will get a window where you can enter a departure time. This will show the calendar times of arrival and departure for all stops. Does that solve your problem?
  12. Ah, I see. So basically you'd want a popup or something saying "Charging almost done?"
  13. You have a point. We measure the charge curves on reported charging power from the Tesla API, but there is likely some inefficiency between ingoing power and outgoing power. Normally, the Li-Ion batteries should be very good at charging efficiency but the cooling done by the car itself probably consumes part of that power. In the ABRP release later today, I have added an inefficiency factor to the charging time calculations internally (there is no parameter for the user to set), which I think improves the situation.
  14. Bo (ABRP)

    Navigation error

    Thank you very much for reporting this, and so sorry for the slow response! It is now fixed by adjusting the coordinates of those chargers.
  15. I agree to certain extent, it is kind of part of charging. At the same time, we don't want to bolster the charging times to make it look like EVs charger slower than they actually do (to avoid putting EV beginners off). So for now, it will remain part of driving time.
  16. We know that the Tesla credentials are very important to keep to yourself, and we have designed ABRP to keep things as private as possible. We never store your MyTesla password, only the token generated by Tesla. This is stored in browser local storage (like cookies), and not on our servers. If you tick "36h background sharing" we will remember your token in server memory (never on disk) for 36h to track your car and share statistics with ABRP. Hope that helps!
  17. Sorry about the slow response, but yes indeed, there was a bug preventing those from being loaded. Now it should work as intended!
  18. That was easy, a division by zero caused by a charger which was marked as having maximum current of 0 amps. Now that should not be a problem again.
  19. Hello Barry, I'm sure there is a bug hidden somewhere. There are no limitations on numbet of chargers whatsoever. If you can give the exact settings causing the problem I will have a look and fix it. Edit: Just realized I didn't look closely enough at your first post. I will try to replicate it from there.
  20. Thanks! I think I found it now looking into your settings. The settings are always stored in the browser local storage (like cookies, but not cookies). If you are logged in with an ABRP account they are additionally stored with your account on our server.
  21. Are you logged in to ABRP (with an ABRP account)? If so, PM me the email you use for login and I can have look what goes wrong!
  22. Yes, they are stored, but only after you plan a route using those settings (settings are saved once you press "Plan"). Let us know if it still does not work!
  23. This is probably only a display bug of the charger. I get exactly what you have on the screenshot, but with a CCS icon instead of Type 2 at Osterfeld.
  24. ABRP 3.4 - Lots of New Car Models Today we proudly release ABRP 3.4 with a bunch of improvements and new goodies! Most ABRP fans would know by now that most of these features have already been released quietly as soon as they were implemented, which is how we usually work. This new version is just to announce it properly so that you do not miss it! News: A lot of new car models, mostly in alpha stage, which means that we know approximately how they work but we need your feedback to refine them further. The complete car model list now includes Tesla Model S, 3, X, Roadster 2020 Audi e-tron BMW i3 Chevy Bolt Hyundai Ioniq and Kona Jaguar I-Pace Kia Niro and Soul EV Nissan Leaf Opel Ampera-e Renault Zoe Volkswagen e-Golf Improved planning for CCS and Chademo vehicles The sheer amount of (somewhat arbitrarily placed) CCS and Chademo chargers makes optimal route finding impossible; the updated ABRP algorithms manage to find good close-to-optimal routes fast. Chargers with many stalls will be given a small benefit in planning since it is more likely that you find a free stall at those. They may also be broken less often... Preferred charger networks. ABRP now tracks which charger operator/network each charger belongs too, and if you click one charger belonging to a network, you can select "Prefer...". This, in turn will give chargers from this network a small benefit in planning, meaning they will be used more often than others. This is still a soft decision, though, so if no useful chargers from your favorite networks are reasonable, other chargers will be used. Many, many more small improvements. Give us your feedback on the ABRP forums or on Twitter @Routebetter!
  25. To verify and improve our models we need your feedback. There's many ways we could use help if you actually own one: Drive a plan and compare it to the actual battery used. Drive a plan with the browser active, and update your actual battery percentage in the browser. Contribute data via OBD or other methods. The best way to improve the data is to provide data directly from the car. Connecting your car not only improves the models, but allows you to follow up directly in the car while driving! We have several ways of doing that, but we need your help to figure out what will work with your car: An OBD reader can be used in concert with a custom app like LeafSpy, or a PID list and Torque Pro. If your manufacturer has an API to access data from the car we can set up access to that API, like we do for Tesla If you're familiar with either of these, contact me at jason@abetterrouteplanner.com and I'll help figure out what we need to do to connect your car! Thanks for providing feedback!

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