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  1. We don't have a Model 3 daily for testing, so very thankful for the feedback! The GPS access dialog is entirely controlled by the browser. We request GPS coordinates, the browser handles the user approval. The only thing we can do is to not ask for GPS location at all, but that gives a worse user experience. I it the same for e.g. TeslaWaze?
  2. Thanks for the link to the problem. The Leaflet team had already implemented a fix, so we switched to that new Leaflet version and it seems to work also in iOS 13. The long-press (and right click) takes longer time than before, though, so we may want to update again when they fix that.
  3. Bo (ABRP)

    charging time

    Thanks, should be solved now!
  4. Sorry about that, a new server SW component broke and filled the disks with error logs. Now fixed!
  5. (And I must proudly say that I am happy that the planner could do that route with Tesla CCS/CCS/Level 2 without additional help!)
  6. Thanks! Fixed now. (We lack power information on the Type2 outlets e.g. in Levi Center, so it was assumed to be 350 kW - sounds reasonable, doesn't it? 😉)
  7. We are celebrating that ABRP users have planned over 10 million routes with the release of ABRP 3.8! As usual, we release new features, bug fixes and car models continuously, but with ABRP 3.8 we also introduce some brand new updates: Better road speed estimates; especially for those non-interstate roads where we have been quite pessimistic about speeds (and therefore optimistic when it comes to consumption). This is now much more accurate - let us know if you still find exceptions! More alternative routes evaluated. Driving an EV slower usually means a lot lower consumption, and if you include charging into the equation, taking the slower (but potentially shorter) route may actually result in a faster overall trip. ABRP now evaluates more of those routes to give you better - and sometimes more scenic - routes for your trips. We have brought navigation mode in ABRP! This is a very simple real-time navigation with turn instructions. As you get closer to a turn, ABRP will zoom in on the relevant part of the map and show you a textual instruction on how to turn. This may be all you need as a reminder to take the exit for the next charger - try it out! Enable navigation mode by clicking the navigation button on the right edge button bar Ferry lines can now be added as a waypoint: Just right click (or long click) the ferry line on the map and select "Add as waypoint". We have added a lot of new car models in ABRP, including the Porsche Taycans, Rivian R1S and R1T, Volkswagen ID.3 and many many more! Enjoy! Bo, Jason and the entire ABRP team
  8. Sorry, my fault, I did a major upgrade of the web scripts yesterday and this broke. Now back to normal!
  9. I get at least the Tesla and the Canmore Public Parking [flo] ones after enabling Superchargers and Chademos, but the CCS has been marked as a dupe - I will have to look over that. Thanks! Edit: There, should be fixed within 24 hours when the databases have been refreshed.
  10. Same thing here, very old Apple-abandoned iPad gives the same result. I'll see if I can find out why!
  11. Hello Björn, sorry for the slow response. If you do this from a regular computer in e.g. Chrome, could you open the developer console (in Chrome ctrl+shift+I) and see if there are any error printouts after you select your vehicle?
  12. Actually, you can enable "Level 2" chargers under More Settings. This will try to automatically route via AC chargers too. However, so far it only includes actual Type1/Type2 chargers (and Tesla destination chargers) and not wall outlets.
  13. Thanks for the report, now fixed! (Technically, the problem is that there are so many level 2 chargers with low power, and sometimes we exclude the best ones too early just because they look much worse than higher power chargers further away.)
  14. Ahh, this was bound to happen, and we did not think about it! Thanks for the report! https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=c4c9e598-1e12-4442-9b54-aeee64a86163 works. You probably have played with the network preferences and at some point set "Use only this network" on Tesla superchargers. Then switched to a CCS-only EV and then made the requirements impossible to solve 😁 I just released an update which will more clearly show all other networks as blocked if you select one or more networks as exclusive. It does not entirely solve the problem, but makes it less likely to happen.
  15. Happy to hear you made it out of Dorian! If I understand you correctly, sending the ABRP next destination to Tesla nav does not work? In what way? Sometimes the Tesla nav and ABRP will have different views on things (like the need for charging) and then things will get confusing, but we cannot do much about that.
  16. Click a charger on the map, at the bottom it says "Prefer or avoid XXX chargers" - click that.
  17. By mistake we stopped updating OpenChargeMap chargers a week ago, and then they expired after a few days. However, they should be back since a couple of days - anything still missing?
  18. Extremely slow response; now at least fixed!
  19. We like that proposal too. Just released an update with everything included except "avoid this network" which seemed likely not to be used often. How does it work for you?
  20. Bo (ABRP)

    Bizarre routes

    We forgot to re-enable OpenChargeMap updates after some debugging and after a couple of days they all expired and were removed. Now back again, thanks for the reports!
  21. ABRP handles the back-on-the-same road by trying to check off waypoints; if you are on a road which is used twice in a plan, it will assume that you are on the leg which is closest to the last waypoint you visited. However, if the browser memory is flushed (which I guess happens when it is in the background long enough) it will forget those things and start from scratch. We could do one or two things to improve this. ABRP plans are static - once you have planned, they will not change unless you press "Replan" or "Plan". The only dynamic part is the driving mode display, i.e. the overlay at the bottom of the screen. This will update the times according to how far you have come on your journey. However, it will not recalculate based on your consumption or actual speed, only on how far you have come along the plan. Edit: Just saw your post at the same time 🙂 Yes, this is intentional so that you can compare your progress to the original plan.
  22. And - now that should be solved too!
  23. Allright, we have solved the problems in priority order. Now we will solve the time schedule problem 🙂
  24. Actually, when looking into the address results, "Sudbury, ON" is marked as an "administrative region" so I guess it points to the center of the region. Since this is usually not what people would like to drive to, I have removed those results now. You will only get actual places and addresses.
  25. For some reason, the address lookup service we buy points "Sudbury, ON" to Espanola and "Greater Sudbury, ON" to what looks to be Sudbury on the map. I do not have local knowledge of the area, but will ask our provider to check their data.

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