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  1. 1 hour ago, Guest Andrew said:

    How’s the real world data for the battery pack in the SR+? Are you starting to gather enough data points to start sharing that? It certainly seems artificially limited... so I wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla starts to tweak that based on crowding issues and more long term data collections.

    Good point! I just added the data and new charge curve for the SR+ too. 

  2. ABRP 3.7 Release Notes

    On 4/29/2019 at 12:16 PM, schtruck said:

    I found this  issue, when I create shortcut from the Version 3.7 and then I close chrome and run abetterrouteplaner from the shortcut then I have the version 3.6. and it request to update 


    I tried to clear history and site data from chrome but still same issue

    Yes, there seems to be a few bugs in both iOS Safari and in Chrome when it comes to offline caching (which is required for a "Progressive Web App", which you can install on the home screen). 

    We have tried to work around this bug now. To be able to load the new version, you may have to go to iOS settings->Safari->Clear web site data.

  3. 2 hours ago, Guest KarenRei said:

    Also, look forward to seeing some AWD data from you  🙂 Do you also track what wheels people have?  I know that each category you further break things down by reduces the amount of data you'd have, but...

    I'd love to break it down more, but the issue is that Model 3s all report exactly the same option codes through the API, so I can only use what the owners select as car model. We recently included specific AWD 18- and 19-inch wheel models so hopefully this will enable us to look at the differences between AWD and non-AWD too. 

    We do log outside temperature; we'll look at that once winter is coming (in the northern hemisphere). Otherwise, the median filtering we do at each speed means that the curve we get is for the most common weather and driving - likely nice dry summer driving since the data is mostly from the summer and early fall.

  4. 12 hours ago, Guest Big Earl said:

    Bo, do you happen to have any numbers for the non-P AWD?  Hopefully I'm not the only one contributing data.  🙂

    The issue with Model 3 specifically is that the option codes reported by the MyTesla API are broken - they are all the same for any Model 3. This means that we have to trust what the user chooses in ABRP as car model, and this is quite often not completely correct. Also, we have, so far been lacking a choice for AWD. Will fix that soon!

  5. 22 hours ago, Guest Ken said:

    I suspect that someone accidentally swapped the numbers in the summary after the first graph: 173Wh/km @110kph is 278Wh/mi @68mph. Similarly, 150Wh/km @110kph is 241Wh/mi @68mph.

    This makes the 232Wh/mi @65mph for the P3D unlikely; I don't think the efficiency of the LR RWD car drops from 241Wh/mi @68mph to 267Wh/mi @65mph.

    Also, 110kph is 68mph, not 65mph.


    Thanks for the catch, the imperial unit efficiency numbers were switched. Now fixed!

    Also, we do not treat 110 km/h as equal to 65 mph. These speeds were chosen to be common highway speeds in the different regions. But perhaps we should have chosen 120 km/h which is pretty much 75 mph spot on 🙂

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