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  1. Thank you for the information and for subscribing! We will continue to work with this until it is solved.
  2. We seem to have some users with this issue, and we have the payment provider support trying to figure out what is happening. I think it is the "3D secure" credit-card two-factor authentication dialog which never pops up for you, could that be it? Do you have a popup blocker?
  3. Thanks for reporting! When planning this now, I get a sensible result. We recently fixed a bug in the planner which may have triggered strange behavior like this - let us know if you find more examples!
  4. We are absolutely interested in trying to hunt this kind of intermittent errors down. We fixed a spurious planner crash today which has been around for a while, that could possibly have been causing this too. Let us know how it works!
  5. Does this happen for any route you plan or this particular one?
  6. Thanks for a clear report! We'll look into it asap.
  7. Thanks for all the reports! We found the problem with iOS older than version 13, Apple has apparently changed how apps are started, but found a workaround. Releasing later today!
  8. The "old" Edge does not support one of the key Javascript features we use in the new web app. However, the "new" Edge (version 79+) works fine! We're adding a dialog to inform users about this.
  9. We had a bug in the openchargemap import which made it only import parts of OCM. Is it there now?
  10. This time we have found the problem, we are quite sure. It is in review at Apple right now!
  11. No need to record, sorry, we thought we had it. Will fix tomorrow if we can find it!
  12. We managed to recreate it, so 3.9.12 out on app store now should solve it!
  13. We are building and pushing a new version now which I think will solve it. Probably related to the size change of the bottom sheet.
  14. Thanks, we are working hard to try to find this bug! Do you have GPS enabled? Do you allow the app to access location?
  15. Do you know if instantaneous power is available? That is necessary for calibration. But yes, SoC is the most important part.
  16. Just heard on Twitter that it only works when the car is not moving - is that still the case?
  17. Since we now have new app where it is easier to support different live data types, I got curious about the I-Pace API. Has anyone used it for anything? Does anyone want to lend me a token for your I-Pace if I take a stab at integrating it into ABRP? Ideally, this could mean live car data without any third party HW or SW, just like Tesla.
  18. Are you logged in with the correct ABRP account? Do you see a button on the map with a battey %? Could you send me your ABRP account email?
  19. I only found a handful vehicles with this error in the DB now, so I reset all of those. It could have been telemetry issues with the reported power being completely bananas. Let me know if it works better for you now.
  20. We are planning to release an update to the app with the main focus on live car data about next week or so.
  21. Sorry about that! It works for me right now - it seems to have been a temporary error. We had some planning server issues Friday night and this may have caused errors later in the day too - let us know if it happens again.
  22. The problem is that the ABRP app does not yet have support for live data - but we are working heavily on it and it will be released in a week or two.
  23. Yes, I have seen the use for this but I don't yet know exactly how to implement it (especially in a case like this where there is no waypoint or charger in the non-desired region, it just passes through). Will check what options we have!
  24. Added! I read the Taycan options list, and the HPC (150 kW) is like €400. Will anyone ever not choose that option? Should we remove the w/o HPC?

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