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  1. Aha! Bug found! It was triggered exactly as you described it, for new users, ABRP logged in and no previous car data, then logging into MyTesla. Now fixed, and thanks for the detailed reports!
  2. No, you should not have to re-login, ever. Does the ABRP login work correctly on a different browser (mobile or computer)? I looked at your account settings, and I cannot see anything wrong with them.
  3. Thanks for the report! The issue is that "Slower if needed" is a rather blunt tool - it will only slow down if there is no way to get to the next charger from maximum charger SoC to minimum arrival SoC. In your case, you would reach the charger after the Level 2 charger at 18% SoC, whereas your limit is 20%. So I would set the charging time slightly longer to get there without slowing down: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=5da7989b-5124-42f1-9bf1-933815386cba
  4. Since you don't have live data, you will see a battery icon showing the estimated SoC while driving. If you verify this by clicking in the middle of it (or adjusting it up and down), ABRP will assume this is up-to-date and will use it as initial SoC for the replan.
  5. Yeah, it is kind of complex to get it to work intuitively for all use cases. When you plan from a fixed address, ABRP will assume that you may not at all be where your plan is, and therefore not bug you with questions about leaving the route. If you have car telemetry, such as MyTesla, then leaving the Initial Charge empty means it will be taken from the car at all times, including after replanning. Does it not work like that for you now?
  6. Sorry, I forgot one thing with the max charge feature - now that is in place and your plan above works as it should.
  7. Bo (ABRP)

    Wrong car model

    Unfortunately, the Tesla API reports every Model 3 as the same (LR RWD). So you do nothing wrong, and right now we cannot do better either.
  8. I was quite confused about this for a minute - but I realize you have "Avoid highways" in your settings - which is why you get interesting detours 🙂 Here is the direct plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=d3effd8a-4498-4b84-8b5a-37d5e5adeb2e
  9. Excellent bug report, thank you for taking the time to specify this so well! I have just fixed issues 1&2. I think your issues with 3 may be that you are planning from a fixed address; the "Replan?" button will only appear if you are planning from "My Position" (which is kind of what makes sense). If you plan from "My Position" you will get a dialog "You have left the route - replan?" and also the "Replan" button will appear if your actual SoC is more than 2% (SoC) away from the planned SoC. Let me know how that works!
  10. The Tesla API is a bit shaky and from time to time it will just return a 408 request timeout for no obvious reason. I just tried logging on to MyTesla on both Chrome PC and Chrome Android while being logged in to ABRP, and it works for me. In the first case it took like 10 seconds for the dot to turn green, though.
  11. Bo (ABRP)

    Waypoints Not Working

    Actually, that last example is not a bug in itself. When you add a charger which is already in the plan as a waypoint and click the waypoint options, it will propose to hard-set the charging time and power to what was in the plan. If you leave these numbers as they are, ABRP will obey these numbers and not charge longer (or shorter). Therefore, when you add 60% arrival, it will have to go via Albany to pump up the SoC to meet your arrival SoC 🙂 Here is the plan without forced charging time on Queensbury: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=d6263052-b1a6-4144-9787-9d65727a5083
  12. Thanks for feedback! The bug in the Tesla browser is that they do not display the "Allow access to location" dialog - they will instead just report back that the user said "No". As soon as we get that "No" we will look for IP location instead. But I realize that this may be annoying if you are actually logged in with MyTesla. I'll implement that delay you proposed! Edit: Done, see how it works for you.
  13. At least in Tesla SW 2019.16.* there was a bug in the browser which made GPS position fail for web sites. To be able to do anything useful at all, we added IP address positioning, which is unfortunately only useful when you are on wifi. The only solution right now is to log in using your MyTesla account, which is however nice from many other aspects.
  14. Bo (ABRP)

    Waypoints Not Working

    The original plan link above is from "My position" which will then create a different route for everyone clicking on it 🙂 This can be circumvented using and additional &mypos=1 in the URL; https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=703e3b39-91cf-48f8-87e5-4daab71051a6&mypos=1 (which will use the position you used for "My position"). With that URL the plan works fine for me (as far as I can see). Are you still having issues with it?

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