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  1. We are still missing that functionality, so just send an email to contact@abetterrouteplanner.com and we will do it manually for you.
  2. Thanks for all the input, just released this feature!
  3. This should now be fixed, thank you for the report!
  4. Since rollout of this has been a bit slow, we are still waiting for more reliable data. But yes, of course we will add this as well to ABRP.
  5. The tunnel works from France to the UK but not the other way around - some edit in OpenStreetMap the last week as obviously made the southbound direction fail. It would be most grateful if someone finds the problem and fixes it! (We run new map imports weekly, but let me know if you find it and I will re-import immediately) Edit: It works in the OSRM demo https://map.project-osrm.org/ so maybe it has already been fixed. I'll kick of a new map import and we'll see.
  6. I guess it should not say "Car" at all if you don't have temperature as part of live data. It will fall back to 20 C if nothing else is available.
  7. It seems to work for me also for 55%: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=3b2f320c-a83a-4e6e-90fb-778903cb5715 It takes one route there and a different route home.
  8. Thank you, now fixed!
  9. Bo (ABRP)

    Max Speed Changing

    As Jason says, this is intentional. Some EVs are just not made to drive fast so we introduced this "recommended max speed" as part of the car models.
  10. This should now be fixed. If the outside temperature is empty, it will first try to fetch it from the car, otherwise revert to default temperature. We will at some point implement weather forecast temperature too.
  11. OCM imports those chargers from NREL, but since NREL does not even contain the charger power (kW), they seem to guess default data, so it may be a little shaky on accuracy. ABRP was a little hard on requiring charger status information from OCM, but I have removed that requirement now, which means that unknown status chargers (from e.g. NREL) will show up as open now. Let us know how it works.
  12. That is kind of a "feature" we were half aware about, but haven't really figured out how to solve efficiently, but we of course understand it is not acceptable. I will add it to our open issue list and try to figure out how to do it. (The issue not is that we cannot just invalidate the plan, that is easy. We want to be able to present other route which work instead.)
  13. OK, fixed that! Now the direct "Tesla Nav" button is only shown in the car browser when logged in with MyTesla - is that better?
  14. Yes, there seems to be a few bugs in both iOS Safari and in Chrome when it comes to offline caching (which is required for a "Progressive Web App", which you can install on the home screen). We have tried to work around this bug now. To be able to load the new version, you may have to go to iOS settings->Safari->Clear web site data.

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