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  1. Actually, when looking into the address results, "Sudbury, ON" is marked as an "administrative region" so I guess it points to the center of the region. Since this is usually not what people would like to drive to, I have removed those results now. You will only get actual places and addresses.
  2. For some reason, the address lookup service we buy points "Sudbury, ON" to Espanola and "Greater Sudbury, ON" to what looks to be Sudbury on the map. I do not have local knowledge of the area, but will ask our provider to check their data.
  3. I did update the Tesla API machinery a bit yesterday, turns out that Tesla has changed the name of a command but was still sometimes supporting the old one (I guess when some load balancer pointed me to the "right" server). On our side, the Tesla commands look much more stable now and seldom fail at all. Does it work better for you?
  4. Amusing routes 🙂 It seems like there was a bug in the OpenStreetMap data for the Holyhead port so that it was not possible to leave the port without taking a ferry. I just submitted a change to OSM and it will take until Tuesday-ish before it ripples through to ABRP.
  5. So iOS, right? Try to clear website data in iOS settings, possibly under ABRP (which appears as an app). I have my iOS devel device at work so I cannot give exact instructions, I hope you find it. Edit: How do you mean ask for credentials? Does it actively do that or do you manually go to ABRP login under settings?
  6. Haha, no, but the Tomtom EV planning seems to have one or two things to improve.
  7. The Tesla infotainment screens (always there, always one) are excellent for tools like ABRP, which is why we still try to get it to work there, but the Tesla browser and API is so unstable that it is extremely frustrating. That said, we will try to make the new version work on the Tesla browsers too. In some aspects, it is too good to give up on.
  8. What we are working on, and will do with more resources, is a new user interface experience (including apps). We are all frustrated with the present version. Thanks for your feedback!
  9. I am not able to reproduce this. @Jojo, does this only happen in the Tesla browser?
  10. Not sure I completely understand how this happens. If you click an ABRP link (like this one: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=209a16d9-26d1-457f-8d54-96d31cfb2a48) does it not automatically plan for you? Is it different if a plan is saved?
  11. Initial charge in settings applies only to the starting point of the trip. Per default, ABRP optimizes the departure SoC at charger itself to minimize trip time.
  12. Click "Settings" below the waypoints and a world of settings will open up for you 🙂
  13. The time issue should now be fixed, thanks for the clear description. The MyTesla API is always a little shaky on the Tesla side; today I have received a lot of HTTP 422 errors from them randomly - no idea why. We can only hope they get their stuff together.
  14. You are right, backwards time calculation is not yet there. Charging speed is always limited by the limitations of the car model. Most cars cannot charge at 50 kW from 90% to 100%, which is why you get 27 minutes.
  15. Since the Model 3 was released in Europe, we have relied on the hard work by the Tesla CCS Spreadsheet team to keep track of Tesla CCS converted Superchargers in Europe. However, this is not being updated since a while and we want to start assuming that all Superchargers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand have been converted. Is this true? Do you know of exceptions?

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