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  1. Now there is an official beta program for Android over at Google Play. If you want to test the new upcoming release for us, just sign up and enjoy it already! (Voice navigation, further improved driving mode, MyTesla MFA and many other small goodies)
  2. Thanks for reporting! We use Bugsnag to catch all crashes, which is extremely useful for us. This also means leaving "breadcrumbs", which in our case means all pages visited in the app so we can see the sequence of events until a crash. We don't track anything else there. Anyhow, it should of course not make things slow! What platform is this - browser or app? Is it reproducible?
  3. Spot on! Chipley only has 50 kW chargers, and that means that the charger limits power instead of your battery up to a certain SoC. Most chargers are built so that they actually do not limit power but instead current, in this case 125A. Your battery will have slightly higher voltage at higher SoC and voltage x current = power so charging with a fixed current at higher SoC will actually give you more power. In these cases the difference is probably on the order of seconds or at most a minute, but the planner does not care - it looks for the fastest trip.
  4. Thank you for this feedback - the issue has been found and fixed! Technically, we the planner is an optimizer which optimizes a cost. The cost is usually total trip time, but we modify the cost to weigh in preferences and risks. This means that the total trip time may not always be minimized since other factors do play a role. In this case, the bug was that we calculated the number of stalls completely wrong, which made Target look like a risky choice. When you add the charger as a waypoint, we ignore that risk. Now corrected!
  5. Really sorry about this - we have an ongoing case with our subscription provider Chargebee on it. They are still developing support for GPay on their side and have enabled it by mistake for us. So basically, it will probably be removed as an option today to later re-appear when they have properly implemented it.
  6. Bo (ABRP)

    No Tesla Live Data

    We had an outage in the Tesla poller Sun-Mon timeframe, but fixed again on Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  7. Do you have your phone connected to the car with Android Auto? Then the phone theme (dark/light) changes with the car (which typically happens in a tunnel) and the app will restart. If so, we could probably avoid this restart too.
  8. We did fix a crash on Android driving mode yesterday and it is available on Play Store now. Please let us know if that solves your problem!
  9. Which platform was this on, iOS, Android or web?
  10. Bo (ABRP)

    default language

    That's a bug which will be fixed in the release going out today!
  11. It is probably not you, it is probably us 🙂 Drop me an email at bo@abetterrouteplanner.com with your ABRP login email so I can have a look at what might go wrong. It should absolutely work.
  12. We just revived https://beta.abetterrouteplanner.com for new builds on the web too. And a new APK: https://se-la-fe-01.abetterrouteplanner.com/app/app-release-074c9e58-2d82-421c-b8b9-038521e9024c.apk (updated) New in this version: Updated driving mode with automatic plan refresh which works much better. Vehicle configurations (Premium): You can have multiple configurations like "trailer", "bicycles on roof", "normal" for your vehicles and let one of them be active at a time. This allows the automatic consumption calibration to work for different uses of your car.
  13. Yes, we could do that too, however, we do build APKs already with less effort (and immediate availability).
  14. We are listing the release notes in the app instead. However, we still intend to use the blog for other articles. I have one on latest Supercharger curves in the works 🙂
  15. Here's a first one: https://se-la-fe-01.abetterrouteplanner.com/app/app-release-d41a1eff-2e4d-4729-b563-c4307381eed3.apk New in this version: Our own ABRP maps (for those who want to use that instead of Google), works also in non-Google devices such as the Ioniq headunit. And lots of small fixes and additions.
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