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  1. Thanks for the detailed report - should be fixed now!
  2. Bo (ABRP)

    Waypoint SOC arrive

    Sorry it took so long, but now that is fixed. Thanks for the report! 🙂
  3. Progressive Web Apps (i.e. storing web pages offline) seems a bit immature on Safari, but we will do what we can to make it work as good as possible. I got the same issue on my phone, but resolved it by going to iOS Settings->Safari->Clear History and Website data. Let us see if it works from now or if it was just a temporary fix.
  4. Thanks for the detailed bug report - it turned out to be a silly mistake by us. Now fixed!
  5. Thanks! The issue was that the new generation planner tried to avoid chargers which were too close - and we forgot the case where the chargers are waypoints 🙂 Now fix.ed.
  6. Sorry for not responding earlier, and great thanks for the specific bug reports! The issue was that the new generation planner avoids chargers which are too close to each other, and we forgot to exclude the case where the chargers were waypoints 🙂 Now fixed.
  7. I don't know if that worked or not, but I will assume that it was at least one component which needed fixing. Now the normal version of ABRP automatically does this for the Tesla Chromium browser. For the technically interested, the User Agent reported from the browser is Mozilla/5.0 (X11; GNU/Linux) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chromium/72.0.3626.122 Chrome/72.0.3626.122 Safari/537.36 Tesla QtCarBrowser
  8. Cool! I have not received this update yet so I cannot debug myself - thanks for helping out! Try https://beta.abetterrouteplanner.com now. It should have resolved that problem - let me know!
  9. New feature - next charger alternatives We just released a new (beta) feature which allows you to see what your next charger alternatives are while driving. ABRP plans are most focused on getting you to your destination as fast as possible, but there are of course other factors which matter in the real world. Pressing "Next Charger Alts" on top of the plan list will give you a pop-up dialog with your top-5 charger alternatives from where you are right now, including how much longer it would take to go for that charger compared to the (time-wise) optimal one. Let us know what you think!
  10. To verify and improve our models we need your feedback. There's many ways we could use help if you actually own one: Drive a plan and compare it to the actual battery used. Drive a plan with the browser active, and update your actual battery percentage in the browser. Contribute data via Tesla API. The best way to improve the data is to provide data directly from the car. For Teslas, we can get data via Tesla's unofficial API. To contribute your data, you can simply log in with your Tesla account on ABRP: Settings ▶ More Settings ▶ My Tesla Login Enter your credentials or Token (We do not store your login credentials on our servers, so you may have to refresh this login in your browser periodically). Select "Share data with ABRP" (This allows us to gather live telemetry while you're driving with the website active in the browser) Select "24h Background Sharing" (This allows us to poll in the background while you're driving, if you don't want to have the browser up in your car) Thanks for providing feedback!
  11. The maps we use for routing in ABRP are still semi-static, updated weekly. We could update more frequently, or we could go to dynamic data including temporary closures and even traffic. However, we are not there yet.
  12. We do not store tokens on your account or any server (except temporarily in RAM if you enable background sharing) for security reasons. The token is only stored in your browser. By clicking "Log out" from the MyTesla menu in ABRP, your token gets deleted.
  13. Sorry, the Tesla-browser-double-click-bug-workaround was not enabled for that particular button. Now it should work!
  14. Thank you, this has now been corrected.

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