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  1. Ali

    No use of Type2 Chargers :(

    I drive a zoe, I have no valid plan found for any destination because of this bug. The app now is pretty much useless.
  2. Ali

    No use of Type2 Chargers :(

    same here no type 2! I am in a country where there are only 3x CCS chargers and all the rest are type 2 please fix.
  3. Description: I want the ability to click on the map and a charger, just for my session, that will be deleted next time I use ABRP Use Case: the problem happens when I add a new charger on open charge map, it will take at least 24 h before the database is updated, and also I have the possibility to charge at Private places where it would be great to add them on the map and have the full simulation. And an other user case is I want to donate free chargers and I want the do test to know the best place where to place them .
  4. Hello, How can I know the source of a data? This charge point 33.58187, -7.62563 is not from open charge map. And I checked it on site, it is not available on public street, I need to double check the source.
  5. Ali

    Crossing the mediterranean

    Probably the same bug? I tried Madrid -> Tangiers , no problem , I tried Tangiers -> Madrid I get No workable plan found. I even tried Tesla model 3 Long range, just in case same problem.
  6. Description: If start a route from Morocco to Spain, there will be errors when crossing the sea. for some reason the planner will jump directly to destination. Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=356da034-3184-4220-a44b-ff345c643d9c Replication Steps: Set start Tangiers Morocco Set destination as Estepona Spain , or Barbate Spain Car is Zoe Q210 If I put a city further inside Spain, for example Madrid, I get a no workable plan found But I have a starting point Algeciras in Spain, which is the nearest spanish city to Morocco, no error will happen and the software is able to route. I guess there is an issue with the boat crossing. Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!

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